SEARCH: Reflecting and Replanning

Reflecting & Replanning by Suzanne Madron.

As the growing season comes to a close, it’s time to think of garden cleanup and prepping for next year. In my case, it means reevaluating my garden layout and planting scheme.

Since I wasn’t quite sure where the plants from the old garden ended up after the garden overhaul, I was hesitant to pull anything that might be a resurrection of something I had already established in the old plot. Add in delayed shipping times from plant sellers and it took a bit longer to get everything up and running. Once everything was planted and took hold, however, it all took off. The taller-than-me jimson weed is a perfect example of both why it’s good to pull weeds and why next year I won’t have a ‘let’s see what this is’ attitude. The volunteer plants, such as the flower-of-an-hour, garlic, mustard, and single corn stalk have overtaken some are-as while other areas are now bare at the end of the season…

To read more, click on the Winter Issue here.

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