SEARCH: DIY Grab it Easier

DIY Grab it Easier by Larriane Barnard.

It’s almost time to dig seldom used pots and pans, specialty baking dishes, and decorating kits out of the back cor-ners of your cabinets.

If you’ve got arthritis, COPD, bad knees, or you’re just getting old, you know how hard it is to reach into the bottom cabinets, especially the dead corners where turkey roasting pans live. If you’re on a budget, you’ve likely never indulged in a remodel to install fancy, pull-out drawers or slide-out shelves.

Here’s an inexpensive and quick way to keep you off your knees and your head out of the cabinets. Find a measuring tape. Measure the width of the cabinet opening, inside edge to inside edge, and sub-tract an inch for clearance. Measure the height and depth. Write those measurements down, maybe draw a diagram…

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