SEARCH: Opening a Music Studio

Opening a Music Studio by Michele Roger

I should have kept count. There were at least two flat tires and countless close calls driving through snow and ice storms. I probably drove through at least sixty blizzard like days/nights. My car needed an oil change every six weeks. I had to replace my brakes and tires every nine months. After all those years of driving from house to house and town to town to teach private music classes everyday, it was time for a change. It was time to open my own music studio.

To most, it would seem obvious to have made this leap far sooner than I did. From the outside, many saw my job as crazy. The mileage on my car, the lost time between lessons, the weather, why would anyone choose to run a business this way? There is far more work in opening a brick and mortar music business than one might think.

Step 1 Find a Space. Space is a strange thing. I’d like to say that it isn’t all about location, but I would be lying…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Enhancing Your Horizon issue.

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