SEARCH: The Final Frontier and Beyond

The Final Frontier and Beyond by Camellia Rains

This is not the article I had planned on writing. With the advent of Covid19, everything in our known world has changed, perhaps a few of them permanently.

From virtual video Zoom meetings to how we handle our children’s birthdays, every part of our lives has been affected, regardless of age, social standing, or electronic equity. Right now, all our localities are suffering from lack of resources and funds. This can affect everything from our food banks, to museums, art spaces, and in this case, a local learning center and valuable resource to its community, the non-profit Chabot Space and Science Center.

The center is currently not open to the public and won’t re-open until June of next year.

Located in the lovely Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California. Its inception began in 1882 when the Oakland School District Superintendent determined the bay area should have a telescope. In 1885, Anthony Chabot funded a Transit Telescope that served as the official time keeping station for all the bay area. In the subsequent years, the observatory was built in two prior locations until…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Enhancing Your Horizon issue.

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