SEARCH: Spicy Asian Chicken with Green Beans and Mushrooms

Spicy Asian Chicken with Green Beans and Mushrooms by Brian and Patricia Dake

Stir-fried green beans have long been a personal favorite of mine. With a texture both crisp and tender, they combine admirably with garlic, mushrooms, and chili paste.

Chili paste comes in many varieties and varies in heat, color, and quality. We prefer a Vietnamese chili paste called Sambal Oelek as it is very hot, bright red in color, and has a fresh chili taste. Be careful to avoid chili paste that has turned dark, brown, or smells rancid. Chili paste, while used as a seasoning, cannot be kept as long as spices. You want to always make sure yours is fresh. Because good chili paste is quite hot, we only use a teaspoon in this entire dish. It is just enough to infuse it with a wonderful chili flavor that melds incredibly well with the other ingredients. Sesame oil is also essential for the flavor of this recipe; so, for the best results, use only high-quality sesame oil…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Enhancing Your Horizon issue.

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