SEARCH: Musical Underdogs

Musical Underdogs
by Michele Roger

As a music teacher, my job isn’t just to teach someone to read and play. I’m also the ultimate cheerleader. Common phrases include:

You’ve got this!
You’re talented!
This just takes a bit of practice.
All that practice is paying off.
Don’t give up now!

For additional inspiration, I turn to success stories. If your creative muse hasn’t checked-in lately, look to these icons of music and what they’ve overcome.

Dame Evelyn Glennie
Hearing Impairment Beethoven is not the only wildly successful musician who was deaf. In fact, many musicians suffer from some kind of severe hearing loss and still prosper in their careers. One of my favorite musicians is Scottist percussionist…

Read more in our Fall 2021 You Can Do It! issue.

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