SEARCH: Editor Letter for our #Wellness issue


I recently hit a milestone birthday, and my husband and I joke that my warranty expired. Like a car that’s driven a few too many miles, I hear the creaks and groans of age build up as the indiscretions of youth finally come due. That time I slipped while doing a pull-up and tweaked my back? The knees that complained when I slung my baby around in her carrier? Now is the time to itemize just where I went wrong and look to the future, where little ol’ me hopes to hit milestones without feeling like I need to go in for maintenance.

One of the perks of age is that I have also gained perspective. In our Wellness: Mind, Body, & Soul issue, we consider more than the physical tribulations suffered by our earthbound selves. Our body shelters our mind and soul so we can achieve our best selves. We refine our personalities so we might share our joys at any age.

In our featured article, Elliot Thorpe recounts learning about his heart condition. Brian and Patricia Dake provide a recipe built around healthy broccolini. Tim Reynolds has a lighter take on the accessories to mindfulness. Michele Roger investigates music as a source of academic improvement, while Kay Tracy extolls the benefits of mineral baths. Lillian Csernica considers the challenges of achieving spiritual enlightenment, particularly when it’s difficult to connect with other people, let alone a higher power.

Our articles offer suggestions to take care of your body so it does not distract you from the joys of the mind and the elevation of spirit. Discover the reward of seeking knowledge for the mind and compassion for the heart.

And no, I still don’t wish to purchase an extended warranty.

Heather Roulo / Editorial Director

Read our #Wellness Winter 2021 issue.

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