SEARCH: Hiking for Fitness

Hiking for Fitness

by Heather Roulo

One of the best tricks for fitness is to incorporate activity into your life. If staying fit is a regular part of your hobbies, it’s easier to maintain.

Hiking motivates people to remain healthy for many reasons. It can be a social activity, where you invite friends, family, or the family dog along. Setting up a regular schedule with others can be just enough of a push to keep active. On the other hand, a solitary hike is also rewarding. In fact, peace of mind can be found while escaping to see the wonders of nature or to explore the nooks of your city. Hiking usually doesn’t require much planning or money.

Unlike a gym membership, hikes are there for everyone without any subscription except the occasional park entry fee. For those just beginning, it can be helpful to reach out to…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Spring 2022 #Entrepreneurs issue.

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