SEARCH: Making it in the Music Business

Making it in the Music Business
by Michele Roger


Vibrant Song

This issue is all about investing in a business one believes in. I decided to talk to one of the most knowledgeable people I know in music, Marianne Murphy. I had the privilege to meet her just over twenty years ago. She mentored me on my own musical path. She’s written music that connects her to her Celtic roots as well as music that connects her to the world at large. She also shares her talent by teaching people of all ages about the benefits of having music in their lives. We sat down on a sunny but chilly fall afternoon in Michigan to discuss her career and see what words of wisdom she had for new music business entrepreneur.

Marianne, I really appreciate you taking the time to spend with me, as well as our readers. In this issue, we’re focusing on entrepreneurs. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your experience with entrepreneurship in music.
My name is Marianne Murphy. I am a working musician who owns a private music studio in Highland,
Michigan. I have recorded several CDs of my own songs, as well as being a guest on other musical projects…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Spring 2022 #Entrepreneurs issue.

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