SEARCH: Never Too Late…

…To Be a Published Author

by Larriane Barnard

“I’m too old to learn all that new stuff!” That infamous statement was what I cried when I received my first editing on a rejected manuscript.

However, that person took the time to edit the first three pages. For the first time I knew why my manuscripts weren’t wanted. The sight depressed me to the point I was ready to give it all up. All that red, all those symbols, only meant to me that if I was ever going to be published, I had to re-learn all I’d forgotten from school and learn new things, but I couldn’t stay away from it.

A few days later, I looked at the symbols, seeing how many of them were repeated. I could throw all manner of sage proverbs at you—you know, those “each journey starts with a single step” type of sayings. I won’t, but the principle applies…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Spring 2022 #Entrepreneurs issue.

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