SEARCH: 2022 Summer Issue Editor Letter

SEARCH Magazine Summer 2022 #SeaSaltSand issue

SEARCH Magazine Summer 2022 Cover

When you’re a kid, summer seems to last forever. It is the anticipation of freedom, outdoor activities, summer camp, and a change in routine. Perhaps the emotion can best be boiled down to the joy of having no school for endless months. It is losing track of day and time and not caring if you sleep in. It is its own, special time and seems like it will last forever. As you get older, it becomes about summer jobs and the exhilaration of road trips with friends. Maybe it’s still about that elusive change in routine and sleeping in. Teenagers and young adults are all too aware of the exact length of their summers and how fleeting they are.

Summer takes on new meaning once you reach adulthood. No matter the season, we’re often still responsible for earning an income or caring for others. However, summers can remain just as exciting. It’s weighty with beach vacations, fresh berries from the garden, outdoor barbeques, and longer days. With longer days, perhaps time can be stolen for a bicycle ride after dinner or soccer in the park.

While it doesn’t necessarily mean freedom, like it once did, in summer months, cares do seem a little lighter. There is so much to see and do that other concerns can be put away. It is a time of action, of baseball games and concerts in the park. Summers are the season I long for in Seattle’s gray, cold, and dark months. When it arrives, it’s all too short.

So, celebrate summer with me in our #SeaSaltSand issue. Visit new locales, try a new recipe, and learn to meditate. Alternatively, ignore all of this to jump in your car and enjoy tunes on your road trip. However you celebrate the return of summer, SEARCH Magazine is glad to celebrate right along with you.

Heather Roulo/ Managing Editor

SEARCH Magazine Summer 2022 #SeaSaltSand issue

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