SEARCH: Crispy Cod on Creamy Pasta Shells

Crispy Cod on Creamy Pasta Shells by Brian and Patricia Dake

Summer makes us crave breezy dishes with perhaps a hint of the sea and a touch of the outdoors combined with a bit of indulgence. Surely, that’s not too much to ask? Well, this creation combines all those elements to perfection.

Finding specific ingredients in recent months has, indeed, been a challenge, but in the course of preparing this dish over several weeks to get it just right, we found the ingredients needed are consistently available, which allows the recipe to be prepared year-round. We chose cod for the dish because it is widely available as it comes from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Cod loins are the thickest part of the filet, taken from behind the head to the dorsal fin of larger fish. While it might be difficult to always find fresh cod…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Summer 2022 #SeaSaltSand issue.

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