SEARCH: 2022 Fall Issue Editor Letter

SEARCH Magazine Fall 2022 #Homemade issue

SEARCH Magazine Fall 2022 Cover

I’m a writer by choice and surrounded by creative people who craft, blog, perform, and more. How they do it all, I don’t know. What I’ve found is that they are talented but mostly they’re passionate about their interests. However, they universally demur praise to say, “It isn’t that hard, as long as you know what you’re doing.”

First, try not to downplay your skills. Imposter syndrome is real.

Second, most things really are simple as long as you have the knowledge and experience. The trick is, getting those things—and being willing to suffer looking foolish along the way.

Sometimes, you want the luxury of being taken care of but, more often, you just want the job done. If you can get it done yourself, all the better! Who doesn’t want to seem capable? Who wouldn’t rather save money? So, when you’re feeling the itch to build, create, and craft, check out SEARCH Magazine for inspiration.

In this #Homemade issue, read about exercising at home, making a pinhole viewer, and creating your own party decorations. Cook a meal from our amazing recipe, then write your thoughts in a gratitude journal—no matter how it turns

Heather Roulo/ Managing Editor

SEARCH Magazine Fall 2022 #Homemade issue

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