SEARCH: DIY Dental Disaster

DIY Dental Disaster

by Tim Reynolds

The author, Tim Reynolds

I’d like to say that I’m the Do-It-Yourself King, but as much as I like fixing stuff and solving my own problems, my skills often fall short of my needs for the project. Or, if not my skills falling short, then it might be the plan itself.

I’ve been at this since I was a kid when Dad would bring home a clean, empty wooden crate from work and I would convert it into lopsided shelves, or a battleship for G.I. Joe—complete with a dart board featuring Adolf H’s evil face.

I have turned a discarded flooring store display into a wall unit bar, repaired a hole in my muffler with a soda can, and tried to make an incline table on the basement stairs but got stuck hanging upside down by my ankles while the dogs licked my face. More recently, I designed and built my own pergola on my deck.

It’s sturdy enough to…

Read the rest of DIY Dental Disaster from Tim Reynolds in SEARCH Magazine‘s Fall 2022 #Homemade issue.


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