SEARCH: DIY Crafter, Willz from Willz Crafts

DIY Crafter, Willz from Willz Crafts

by Emerian Rich

Willz of Willz Crafts

You might think retirement is a signal you’re out of the fast track, but increasingly retirees are finding ways to express themselves in ways that their life-long careers haven’t explored.

Such is the case with retiree, Willz, of Willz Crafts. After spending thirty-five years in the service of others as a minister and counselor, Willz needed a break, and she took one. She went on a couple of cruises and road trips, but she hated being retired. “Actually, at the time I was looking forward to it,” Willz said. “But about two-to-three months in, I was done. I’ve never been a person who can sit in my house doing nothing. I got all these cards at my retirement service about being in my rocking chair and enjoying the beach, but that’s not me. I need to stay busy. I believe if you slow down, you die.”

For someone used to working twelve-hour days, six-to-seven days a week, slowing down doesn’t exactly come easy, especially when COVID hit, traveling was no longer viable, and she found herself trapped in her home. A social butterfly at heart, she had to find a way to communicate with others and express her need to craft. “I just need something to do. Willz Crafts helps me explore my creativity…”

Read more in SEARCH Magazine’s Fall 2022 #Homemade issue.


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