SEARCH: 2022 Winter Issue Editor Letter

SEARCH Magazine Winter 2022 #KeepLaughing

Comedy is a bit like French cuisine. When it’s done poorly, you’re left looking at ingredients and wondering how anyone thought they could be appetizing. It’s repulsive. When done well, it is a mind-blowingly fulfilling meal, and incorporates elements in ways you never imagined. You seek that thrilling perfect bite forever after.

Sure, dramas and action films receive the majority of accolades. In books, it’s the painful autobiographies that book clubs covet. However, humor is by far the trickiest of topics. The skill exhibited by good comedians and Rom-Coms are underappreciated. It takes wit to entertain so lightly. The most clever people I know aren’t politicians or philanthropists, it’s the comedian who can face down the reality of our world and present it with a chuckle.

Perhaps the reason humor isn’t awarded as frequently is because, like taste, humor is subjective. When you find an author, comedian, or film that fits your sense of humor, is there anything better? Delight derived from entertainment that makes you laugh can be enough to turn a gloomy weekend bright. Whether your taste runs more Douglas Adams, Robin Williams, Dave Barry, Dean Martin, or P. G. Wodehouse, there’s good reason to seek out humor. Just ask
Tim Reynolds, our resident humor columnist and occasional stand-up comic. In this issue you can also learn a bit about Lithuanian magician Rokas, and enjoy our Mary Tyler Moore retrospective.

There’s a reason we refer to comedy as “a sense of humor.” Like other senses, it is an impression we experience and react to at a visceral level. Find something that doubles you over with involuntary laughter.
Cry with mirth, and appreciate the subtle skill or the whack-in-the-crotch that got you there. Either way, we hope this issue hits the spot, not your funny bone.

Heather Roulo / Editorial Director

SEARCH Magazine Winter 2022 #KeepLaughing


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