SEARCH: The Dancing Flower Girl

The Dancing Flower Girl
by Michele Roger

It was one of my very first performances as a solo harpist. The bride had asked me if there was a children’s song that I could play that would cue her four-year-old niece when it was time to carry her basket of flowers down the aisle. Weeks ahead of the wedding, we agreed, “Little April Showers,” from the Disney movie Bambi would be the flower girl song.

When the day of the wedding arrived, the archway where the couple would exchange vows was covered in the most beautiful purple wisteria I’d ever seen. Family slowly made their way to their seats while I played a prelude filled with love songs. The grandparents walked down the aisle to the song from their wedding, “I’ll Be Seeing You.” Then, the parents walked down to their wedding song, “Color My World” by Chicago. Finally, it was time for the wedding party. Each wedding couple proceeded down the aisle in lavender gowns that matched that of the wisteria in the archway.

When the wedding coordinator gave me the cue, I began to play “Little April Showers,” as planned. A little girl gingerly took about ten steps while enrobed in many layers of toile before she recognized the music being played for her. About mid-aisle, she stopped and set down her basket of rose petals. A tiny gasp could be heard from the wedding guests…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Winter 2022 #KeepLaughing issue.


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