SEARCH: I Still Use the Wii

I Still Use the Wii

by Kristin Battestella

I first learned about the Wii as an Activities Director in the aughts. Every senior facility wanted Nintendo’s newest console.

I also realized I had a very bad Lyme Disease case when I couldn’t compete with my elderly charges and several years later my husband bought the Wii Fit Plus to help my recovery. Most of my video game experience stemmed from Atari and Space Invaders or DOS with The Ultimate Doom, but the Wii’s hook was that anyone can use it—even groups or nongamers like me. I began with lighthearted Sports and gentle yoga before advancing to running multiple miles and the EA Sports Active Challenge. This daily Wii had me back in high school ice hockey shape…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Winter 2022 #KeepLaughing issue.

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