SEARCH: City Spotlight on Pullman, WA

City Spotlight on Pullman, WA

by Renee Roulo

Located in eastern Washington, deep in the Palouse, Pullman is an adorable college town with cute coffee shops, bike paths, and rolling hills.

The Palouse region was formed following the ice age when glaciers moved down from Canada and ground up the earth below it, causing rock dust to cover everything in layers of silt. Wind blew the dust until it finally settled into the hills we see now. Pullman is separated into several different parts.

Washington State University sits in the center of the town on a massive hill. Students get “cougar calves”—named after the school’s mascot—from walking up and down the hill all day.

South of campus, is Pullman’s downtown. It has several great

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Winter 2022 #KeepLaughing issue.


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