SEARCH: Sharing a Laugh

Sharing a Laugh

by Lillian Csernica

Children and adults who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) struggle with learning social skills. Symptoms of ASD often include difficulty making friends, understanding what other people are thinking or feeling, and appearing rude or not interested when they don’t mean that at all. These symptoms can lead neurotypical people to think ASD people have no sense of humor. The truth is, ASD people may display a more authetic sense of humor than people who have been socialized to laugh or giggle whether or not what’s being said is funny.

“One of the reasons autistic people are thought to lack a sense of humor may be due to the fact that they engage less than neurotypicals in ‘social interaction’ laughter,”…

Read more of Lillian’s article in our #KeepLaughing issue.


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