SEARCH: 2023 Spring Issue Editor Letter

SEARCH Magazine Spring 2023 #FreshStart

Starting over is a great thing. It’s the first sheet of blank paper in a new notebook. Full of promise and free from mistakes, there’s something intimidating about making the first mark, but it’s the only way to make progress.

With springtime comes new promise and the chance to start fresh. Old habits can be discarded for new ones. New exercises, new looks, new relationships, and new mindsets can be tried on for size. Sure, not every fresh start is a winner, but new haircuts grow out and hearts rebound.

SEARCH Magazine is here to try a few #FreshStarts of our own. Our authors examine changes in history, such as the emergence of Rosie the Riveter and the scope of Edith Piaf talent. Look ahead with articles about detoxing from social media, combining households, and starting over. Finally, we have a few articles with a #FreshStart mindset that allow you to find peace right where you are. Give Tai Chi a chance, cook some red beans and rice vegan style, and reinvent yourself like Tim Reynolds does in “Reinventing Tim.”

The truth is, we have endless chances to start over because life is about renewal. Whether yours is annual or by the decade, the only constant is change and the only hope any of us have for progress is to make that first mark on the page. And when the page gets too full, turn over a new leaf. We all deserve a #FreshStart.

Heather Roulo / Editorial Director

SEARCH Magazine Spring 2023 #FreshStart


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