SEARCH: Reinventing Tim

Reinventing Tim

by Tim Reynolds

I hate myself. I must. Otherwise, why on earth would I try to throw the old me out and reinvent myself so often? Oddly enough, I don’t feel like I hate myself. There are aspects of my poor fitness level, mental acuity, and love-life-decision-making skills that I’m not happy with, but for the most part, I am happy.

At twenty-nine, though, I wasn’t. Or at the very least I was dissatisfied, so I went back to high school. Eleventh Grade. Regular day classes, not that namby-pamby night school stuff where adults can be adults and learn how to file taxes, make out a will, or buy a condo. I went back to study Architectural Drafting and Visual Arts with sixteen-year-olds. 

I know now at sixty-two that twenty-nine isn’t old, but back then I was a year older than my art teacher and graduated from the same teacher’s college the year before she did. It was great fun, but when prom rolled around, I didn’t have a date. Of course, the age difference between me and my classmates was a big factor. I didn’t even try. And being a student, I couldn’t even ask the art teacher.

Read the rest of Reinventing Tim from Tim Reynolds in SEARCH Magazine‘s Spring 2023 #FreshStart issue.


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