SEARCH: Spring in the English Countryside

Spring in the English Countryside

by Elliot Thorpe

As winter finally begins to melt away, the notion of spring arriving is laced with a feeling of renewal. The trees around us start to blossom their delicate white and pink, flowers sprout, leaves begin to bud, and grasslands that have been dormant for so long finally reach upwards again.

There’s something quite special about spring. Certainly Celtic and Pagan beliefs dating back to ancient times saw it as a powerful time for magic and nature, symbolizing birth and rebirth. The Irish goddess of spring also encompassed fertility and life, as well as being the mistress of healing. Brigid–or the Exalted One as she was also known–embodies the very essence of what spring means for so many people and what it offers the world every year.

The crisp air seems to bridge the changing of the seasons, the winter chill lingering, as if unwilling to fully let go just yet. The countryside brings so much joy. Crops begin their growth cycle to yield. Birds reappear from their annual migration, following the same route every year, passed down generation to generation in some unexplainable inherited knowledge…

Read the rest in our Spring 2023 #FreshStart issue.


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