SEARCH: New Orleans Red Beans & Rice, Vegan Style

New Orleans Red Beans & Rice, Vegan Style

by Brian and Patricia Dake

Today, we want to share our original recipe inspired by visits to New Orleans, home to some of the best food in all the world. We have made red beans and rice in the traditional style, but on this occasion we had invited guests, one of whom was vegetarian while another was vegan. Authentic Louisiana red beans and rice, made with andouille sausage is delicious but obviously would not meet the dietary requirements of two of our guests. More and more, we find family and friends are more health conscious, and what works for one does not necessarily meet the nutritional needs of another. Since we want all our guests to feel welcome and not singled out as different from everyone else, it provides an opportunity to get creative. To accommodate our guests, yet not lose the essence of the sausage, we compiled a balance of spices that pays homage to the unique flavor the sausage provides. While the seasoning is not an exact substitute for the sausage, it is a fresh start, a “rebirth” of an old-style dish that pleased everyone, including our omnivore guests.    

This recipe starts the night before with the soaking of the beans. For our recipe, we chose actual red beans, not kidney beans. Red beans are a specific type of bean. They differ from kidney beans in appearance, size, taste, and texture. Also, note that we are using brown rice in this recipe which is considered healthier and is increasingly popular. Cooking brown rice requires more water than cooking white rice. Should you substitute white rice…

Read the full recipe in SEARCH Magazine‘s Spring 2023 #FreshStart issue.


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