SEARCH: Author Spotlight Tim Reynolds

Tim Reynolds What’s an article you’ve written for SEARCH that you enjoyed? And why did you enjoy it? I enjoy them all, because I’m the lucky one who gets to write almost all of the humor articles for SEARCH. People may not believe this, but my articles are all based on true stories in my … Continue reading SEARCH: Author Spotlight Tim Reynolds

SEARCH: Winter 2022 Table of Contents

Read our Winter 2022 #KeepLaughing issue! Table of Contents • #KeepLaughing: Rekindle Holiday Joy at The North Pole• #KeepLaughing: The Dancing Flower Girl• Humor: My BFF is a Bad Influence• Author Spotlight: Michele Roger• Music: The Crooning Comedian, Dean Martin• Travel: Lithuania and Rokas the Magician• Stand Up and Succeed with Tim Reynolds• #KeepLaughing: Mary … Continue reading SEARCH: Winter 2022 Table of Contents

SEARCH: 2022 Winter Issue Editor Letter

SEARCH Magazine Winter 2022 #KeepLaughing Comedy is a bit like French cuisine. When it’s done poorly, you’re left looking at ingredients and wondering how anyone thought they could be appetizing. It’s repulsive. When done well, it is a mind-blowingly fulfilling meal, and incorporates elements in ways you never imagined. You seek that thrilling perfect bite … Continue reading SEARCH: 2022 Winter Issue Editor Letter