SEARCH: The Spectrum Entrepreneur

The Spectrum Entrepreneur

by Lillian Csernica

“National data shows that nearly half of young adults with autism do not work for pay upon leaving school, and those who do, tend to have part-time, low-wage jobs. Work experience is consistently identified as the most important predictor of post-school employment success for students with disabilities.”
~Catalyst eNews Issue: April, 2018, Cleveland Clinic

Getting a job is one of the biggest transitions into adulthood. People on the spectrum often have difficulty with transitions. “The neuropsychological process known as the ‘Executive Function’ is heavily involved in making transitions,” says Christopher Lynch Ph.D in his article, “Smoother Transitions For Children On The Autism Spectrum.” “This function helps the brain to shift and reallocate attention and other brain resources when required. In autism, there are often gaps in this system. Because of these gaps, the brain may struggle with stopping one task and transferring attention and other thought processes onto another.”

How do we help our ASD kids enter the job market? They need experience, and that experience can be gained through…

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SEARCH: Never Too Late…

…To Be a Published Author

by Larriane Barnard

“I’m too old to learn all that new stuff!” That infamous statement was what I cried when I received my first editing on a rejected manuscript.

However, that person took the time to edit the first three pages. For the first time I knew why my manuscripts weren’t wanted. The sight depressed me to the point I was ready to give it all up. All that red, all those symbols, only meant to me that if I was ever going to be published, I had to re-learn all I’d forgotten from school and learn new things, but I couldn’t stay away from it.

A few days later, I looked at the symbols, seeing how many of them were repeated. I could throw all manner of sage proverbs at you—you know, those “each journey starts with a single step” type of sayings. I won’t, but the principle applies…

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SEARCH: Making the Dream Work

Making the Dream Work

by Heather Roulo

Last year, SEARCH Magazine celebrated its fifth-year anniversary as a print and online publication with a special retrospective issue themed Blast From the Past. This year the brand grew to include several specialized local magazines and bonus material for our growing Youtube channel.

At the heart of the expansion is the founder, Jeannie Normandeau, who conceived and nurtured the idea of having a magazine for many years.

SEARCH Magazine is the vision of Jeannie Normandeau. Jeannie isn’t a household name, but she has the drive and ambition to follow her dreams so perhaps one day she will be…

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SEARCH: City Spotlight on Palm Springs

City Spotlight on Palm Springs

by Heather Roulo

I had the pleasure of visiting Palm Springs for some well-needed wintertime sun. The greater Palm Springs area includes the Coachella Valley and is known for its blend of nature, style, and kitsch.

In Southern California, the classic city of Palm Springs lives up to all expectations as a fashionable desert city with striking architecture and unique botany. Joshua Tree National Park is a short drive away. There, you can see the distinct differences between the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. The Joshua trees make striking silhouettes against the clear sky. Unique boulders give hikers and rock climbers good reason to visit. At lower elevations, the cholla cactus and each oasis of California fan palms offer welcome interest to the desert…

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SEARCH: Making it in the Music Business

Making it in the Music Business
by Michele Roger


Vibrant Song

This issue is all about investing in a business one believes in. I decided to talk to one of the most knowledgeable people I know in music, Marianne Murphy. I had the privilege to meet her just over twenty years ago. She mentored me on my own musical path. She’s written music that connects her to her Celtic roots as well as music that connects her to the world at large. She also shares her talent by teaching people of all ages about the benefits of having music in their lives. We sat down on a sunny but chilly fall afternoon in Michigan to discuss her career and see what words of wisdom she had for new music business entrepreneur.

Marianne, I really appreciate you taking the time to spend with me, as well as our readers. In this issue, we’re focusing on entrepreneurs. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your experience with entrepreneurship in music.
My name is Marianne Murphy. I am a working musician who owns a private music studio in Highland,
Michigan. I have recorded several CDs of my own songs, as well as being a guest on other musical projects…

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SEARCH: Hiking for Fitness

Hiking for Fitness

by Heather Roulo

One of the best tricks for fitness is to incorporate activity into your life. If staying fit is a regular part of your hobbies, it’s easier to maintain.

Hiking motivates people to remain healthy for many reasons. It can be a social activity, where you invite friends, family, or the family dog along. Setting up a regular schedule with others can be just enough of a push to keep active. On the other hand, a solitary hike is also rewarding. In fact, peace of mind can be found while escaping to see the wonders of nature or to explore the nooks of your city. Hiking usually doesn’t require much planning or money.

Unlike a gym membership, hikes are there for everyone without any subscription except the occasional park entry fee. For those just beginning, it can be helpful to reach out to…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Vivianne Winter

Author Spotlight on Vivianne Winter

Name: Vivianne Winter

Location: Portland, OR

Tell us about yourself: I’m mom to a new, 4-month-old kitten and an autistic son who is in college. I know I put the cat first, but that’s because he’s new.

What’s your experience and advice as an entrepreneur? I had an eBay store, buying wholesale and reselling. I was doing well, but it’s more complicated and less profitable now that certain policies have changed. To be successful you must be organized, like knowing where your stock is, and ready to give details about the product. This might include independent research so you’re informed.

What kind of articles do you like?
I like articles about people overcoming struggles, and I’m always interested in home and makeup tips. I’m also an animal lover, and wrote an article about Portland’s famous friendly sea otter…

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SEARCH: Giving Myself the Business

Giving Myself the Business

by Tim Reynolds

The Amazing Raap

This year marks the 50th anniversary of when I began failing as an entrepreneur, going back to my first days as the neighborhood butcher of grass. For five dollars here and five dollars there, I pushed our four-horse, two-stroke (or was that two-horse, four-stroke?) grass-shredding beast from lawn to lawn. As easy as the job was, I failed to make my fortune at it for two reasons. First, I really hated cutting lawns and second, I’m allergic to grass. Of course, fifty years later I’m still allergic and still have a lawn I have to cut, only now I don’t have an overseer watching and judging me from a second-floor window.

Eventually, I failed enough at that job that I decided to become the world’s greatest magician. Or at least the greatest one in our household. I had a few tricks I was pretty good at and some I was mediocre at, but my entrepreneurial success was stunted by my complete lack of interest in practicing my art beyond knowing how the trick worked. Despite this crappy attitude and my weak business acumen, I…

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SEARCH: Running for Mayor

Running for Mayor

by Suzanne Madron

The author, Suzanne Madron

It all started with me complaining about how things are. We all do it. We all notice those things in our neighborhoods or towns or cities that should be better. We comment that taxes are too high and where do those taxes go, anyway?

My journey took me into the details of how a local government runs. I discovered the websites available to see exactly where all those tax dollars go, how they’re spent, and what plans there are for the town’s future development. I also discovered the public can attend council meetings and review agenda items, make comments, and review the meeting minutes. How can you see what your tax dollars are used for locally? Check out your town’s website. It may take some digging, but…

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SEARCH: Cooking Like a Boss

Cooking Like a Boss

by Brian Dake

I became interested in cooking, so I could impress a girl. When I was 19, I promised to make her a meal and spent the next few days collecting recipes for an impressive, easy to make dinner. I must have done all right, since she married me and I still cook most of our meals.

My mother was a good cook. At potlucks, people would quietly ask me what she had made, so they could swoop in on her food and avoid the many mystery dishes on the tables. She was an incredible bread maker who ground her own flours and made many types of bread.

I always wanted to cook when I was young and often watched my mother and father work in the kitchen. Whenever I asked if I could cook, she always told me…

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