SEARCH: Confidence and Empowerment through Workouts

Confidence and Empowerment through Workouts

by Donna Medina

cropped-img-2456.jpg“There is nothing more powerful than those who are unafraid.” A fitness regimen is more than just toning your muscles or keeping your body healthy. It can help you face the world with a high degree of confidence. Regardless of your age and fitness level, exercising is an amazing, effective tool to grow and develop your entire well-being, showing the world who you are and what you can do. Insecurities, doubts, and lack of selfconfidence are things that stop you from loving yourself and embracing your imperfections. You can overcome your self-doubts or insecurities by strengthening your mental focus and staying fit. Once you start conquering them, you may feel empowerment from within.

“Be comfortable with who you are.” Confidence with one’s body isn’t always easy, especially as we age. However, losing confidence in our body is said to lose confidence in ourselves. By staying physically active, you improve your health while strengthening your focus, resulting in enhanced selfconfidence. With a stronger body and mind, you can encourage yourself to keep pushing. Once you feel proud of your achievements, you gain confidence about your body and above all, your abilities. … Continue reading in the Spring 2020 Search Magazine issue

SEARCH: Orange Omelet Recipe

Orange Omelet Recipe

by Brian and Patricia Dake

20191020_133547This recipe was born out of necessity. One Saturday five of us arrived to stay overnight in a beach house rental. When the front desk clerk gave us the key, he warned that the local grocery market was not open on Sunday; so we should purchase any food we needed for breakfast before they closed.

Sunday morning, we got up to cook a meal of cheese omelets to be served with coffee and orange juice, only to discover we had failed to purchase any butter, oil or cooking spray with which to cook the omelets.  After a moment of frustrated panic, we assessed the situation, took our limited ingredients, and crafted a delicious breakfast. Our devised cooking process uses a method more akin to poaching an omelet in a nonstick fry pan than frying. Of course, being the food hounds we are, we didn’t use anything as boring as water for our poaching liquid… Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue.

SEARCH: Empowering Women Over 50

Empowering Women Over 50

by Sumiko Saulson

WomenOver50_SaulsonSome say life begins at fifty while workplace discrimination, menopause, and empty nest syndrome can make the start of midlife for women trying at times.

Too many of us−after reaching retirement age and after the children have grown up and left home−find ourselves looking for ways to stay connected. Home-based and small businesses, the arts, and volunteer opportunities with community, civic, cultural, and spiritual or religious groups can help. For those who are not already community-involved, organizations like the Volunteer Center and SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Home Executives, can help connect retirees with people who need their assistance. Arts and education are an important part of day to day living for most of us. In the Bay area, art and community non-profits such as Expressions Gallery in Berkeley are often run by older women who… Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue.

SEARCH: Old Sacramento, CA

Old Sacramento, CA

by Emerian Rich


Old Sacramento, a historic district in the middle of our states capital, dates back to 1858 goldrush days. The waterfront lining the Sacramento River was the last stop on the Pony Express route which brought prospectors and entrepreneurs alike from the East.

The historic district homes fifty-three historic buildings, some registered as California Landmarks. The Lady Adams Building, erected from materials brought around Cape Horn in the Ship Lady Adams, was built as a wholesale and import house by German immigrants. As the only building to survive the 1852 fire, it’s homed various storefronts and now houses Evangeline’s Costume Mansion, a three-store costume and novelty shop catering to imagination 365 days a year… Continue reading in the Spring 2020 issue.

SEARCH: The Missing Empowerment

The Missing Empowerment

by Elliot Thorpe

Adobe_Music_StockGiulio Caccini was a great Renaissance composer, influential in his methodology of monodies and basso continuo (All a bit highbrow for me, if I’m honest, even though I do like a good tune.) His greatest contribution to music was presenting to the world his Florence-born daughters, Francesca (in 1587) and Settimia (in 1591).

In that era, it was common for a career to be passed to each member of the family, making it natural for Francesca to have become a composer in her own right as well as a singer and poet. She taught early Baroque and regularly had her stage music specifically designed for comedies by the poet Michelangelo Buonarroti, the grandnephew of the famous artist. While most of her work has been lost in the mists of time, she was as influential as her father, noted as the first female composer of an opera.

Her younger sister, however, fared better in the industry as one of the first women to have a successful music career. Settimia, while also a composer, was more known for her singing prowess, performing for nobility with her own family as well as a soloist.

In societies where there was dominance from other quarters, it must have been challenging but the perseverance of the Caccini sisters paved the way for… Continue reading in the Spring 2020 issue of SEARCH.

SEARCH: Spotlight on Larriane Barnard

SEARCH Author Spotlight

LBarnardName: Larriane Barnard

Location: Prescott, Az

What made you interested in working for SEARCH? 

I work behind the scenes on each issue, nit-picking what the other authors write with what is called editing. We won’t go into what some authors call it. I got into editing by accident by ordering a book from a company that had accepted a submission from me. Before I signed, I wanted to see their quality level. I sent a letter asking if I could expect the kind of errors I found. I discovered they were a brand new company and volunteered to proof the finals… Continue reading in SEARCH’s Spring 2020 issue.

SEARCH: Mansplaining 101

Mansplaining 101

by Tim Reynolds

ShhhHello. I’m a man with nearly six decades of life experience, honored and proud to have been invited by SEARCH Magazine to contribute on how to empower women.

(You weren’t invited. We don’t need a lecture on empowering women.)

I’m not? You don’t?

(That would be mansplaining.)

What the heck is mansplaining? It sounds extremely derogatory. I’m pretty sure most women would find the term as offensive as I.

(You’re mansplaining about mansplaining.)

You’re telling me a man can’t explain to women what women think? If I don’t, how will they know what they think?

(We are perfectly capable of thinking for ourselves, even about ourselves and how we think.)

Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue.

SEARCH: The Fun of Playdough

Adobe_Playdough_StockThe Fun of Playdough

by Samantha Blache

There’s nothing like playdough to bring you back to your childhood. So, let’s do it!

I’ve made this recipe since my son was five, and he loves it. I got tired of scraping it off the carpet and didn’t do it for a few years, but he’s nine and old enough to keep track of it, so I figured I would give it another try. The best part is he can help with the stirring!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 medium pot
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar
  • food coloring

Start by measuring out all of the ingredients into the pot, including the food coloring, unless you plan on making more than one color. If you are making multiple colors, do not add the food coloring yet… Continue reading in the Spring 2020 Issue.

SEARCH: Dear Search for Women’s Empowerment

SEARCHSpring2020CoverDear  SEARCH Magazine,

When I heard about your women empowerment spring topic it reminded me of one of my favorite poems written by Mayo Angelo. In Phenomenal Woman, she describes her pride in being a woman. Empowerment comes from confident in herself.

This poem does something to the soul. I read it to my girls, who continue the tradition with there own daughters. We all are phenomenal women.

LaKeisha Porte

Continue reading in the Spring 2020 issue.

SEARCH: Julia Childs

Julia Childs

by Michele Roger

JChildsIf you’ve ever eaten chocolate layered cake with ganache that was so good your eyes rolled back in your head, you have this chef to thank.

If you’ve ever savored a mushroom magically transformed from its raw spongy texture to something you swore was as good as a steak with red wine sauce, you have this chef to thank.

I’m not talking Ramsey or Bourdain, or Mario, or even Brown. This chef came from wealth and never stepped foot in a kitchen until World War II.

She wasn’t cooking for the troops nor a WASP or WAVE. The chef I am boasting about is Julia Childs.  She came to the art of cooking from as far out of left field as any one human being can. It all started with shark repellent.

Childs had just recently graduated with a history degree from Smith College at the beginning of WWII. Inspired to do her part for the war effort, she tried to sign up for jobs deemed fit for women as a WASP or Navy WAVE. Neither would take her due to her exceeding height of six feet, two inches. Considered too tall for field work, Julia found herself tapped by the Army where she worked as a secretary in the War Office. If you can recall the pool of secretaries in the movie Saving Private Ryan, you can envision

Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2020 issue.