SEARCH: Music for Good

Music for Good

by Elliot Thorpe

Vibrant Song

Color of Music series. 

There’s a chance that my article on music in an issue filled with disaster and preparation could be construed as making light of the serious subject matter. Well, yes, in some ways you could be right, but I think it’s fair to say that anyone who comes to this issue from the creative angle, whether it be a filmmaker, novelist, or composer, will always have an element of respect for the source material.

I’m currently writing a novel set in and after World War I, not exactly the proudest moment of human achievement, and I’m always cautious in every chapter and every scene about veering into an exploitative narrative for the sake of entertainment.

The same applies here. With a potential challenge and a dilemma to honor both the hard work that our nation’s disaster teams do and the composers who have been commissioned to interpret such events, we’re also going to look at the music artists who have used their talents for charitable causes. Surprisingly, it’s not as recent a phenomenon as you’d think. Let’s start with Edward Elgar, the continue reading the Winter 2019 issue of SEARCH.

SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Loren Rhoads

Author Spotlight on Loren Rhoads

Loren coverLocation: San Francisco, CA

What made you interested in writing for SEARCH? 

SEARCH’s previous editor, Emerian Rich, knew I was working on a book called 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die, so I offered to show her some of the remnants of the old graveyards in San Francisco. Most people don’t know that the cemeteries here were evicted in the early 20th century.

LorenAfter San Francisco’s most elaborate cemetery finally gave up the ghost in the 1940s, some of its lovely stonework was collected by an artist who worked with the Exploratorium (our science museum) to build the Wave Organ. It’s a huge, beautiful creation at the end of the Marina yacht harbor, where you can listen to the ocean gurgle and splash. There’s nothing else like it in the world.

I took Emerian there and she asked me to write about it for SEARCH.

What else do you write?

Loren cover 2In addition to 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die, I’ve written a memoir about my cemetery travels called Wish You Were Here. I’ve also written a space opera trilogy called In the Wake of the Templars and … continue reading in the Winter 2019 issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Preparing for Disasters Both Big and Small

Preparing for Disasters Both Big and Small

by Heather Roulo

Disaster preparedness itemsThe unexpected is all part of life. When disaster strikes, it is best to have already prepared so you can focus on coping with the tough situation.

It isn’t fun to think about disasters, which is one reason FEMA and the CDC briefly reminded people of how to prepare for the zombie apocalypse. If that can’t make you smile, what disaster can? On the West Coast, the more likely threats might include earthquakes, fires, floods, winter storms, and the occasional volcanic eruption. If you’re close to the water, there’s even the rare tsunami. However, it is reassuring to realize that all of these threats are infrequent, and in most cases, do not require emergency action.

For most of us, the next disastrous situation will likely be a household injury, power outage, or a broken-down car. For that reason, at a minimum, you should have BandAids, a first aid kit, flashlight, a rainy-day fund, and a cell phone. With those things, you can handle the quick knocks life sometimes throws our way. If you live in a house, know where your gas and water shutoffs are and the location of your circuit breakers. Check smoke detectors regularly and have a carbon monoxide detector near fuel-burning appliances and fireplaces. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

If you have the chance, plan to help others by attending a first aid class and … Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.

SEARCH: I’m Prepared for Anything… Almost

I’m Prepared for Anything…Almost

by Tim Reynolds

SuperPreparedWhen I was a teacher, my classroom was on the second floor of a solid, old limestone school facing west. The two of us, whose classrooms had the best views, were responsible for watching for funnel clouds where the tornadoes came from.

If we sounded out the tornado alarm, the entire school population would march to the basement in a semi-orderly fashion with limited screams and tears and hunker down in the corridor, our heads between our knees or something like that.

We were trained. We were ready until, during a parent/teacher interview, we got hit by an earthquake. It was just a little rumble that made the light fixtures swing back and forth for a minute, but we were not prepared.

Since that day, I have been prepared. I was once an elite Boy Scout, a Chief Scout, which is Canada’s highest honor for Scouts, about the same as an Eagle Scout in the USA. I know how to be prepared.

I have nine computers, prepared for when I fall into a time vortex and wake up in the 1990s needing…

Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.

SEARCH: 5 Books to Prepare for Big Moments

5 Books to Prepare for Big Moments

by Michele Roger

No matter what I scored on my ACT, or how many Ted Talks I listened to, or how many glasses of iced tea I drank with my grandmother in the garden while snapping raw green beans, nothing truly prepared me for the big moments in life.  I mean really, why didn’t someone tell me about all the curve balls life throws?  From standing up to the school bully to standing up to my boss, sleeping while the baby sleeps, to sleeping in my bed alone after a breakup? (The key is to sleep in the middle of the bed surrounded by pillows for that last one, by the way.) Here are five of the best books I know to help prepare anyone for this unreasonable and beautiful thing called life.

Prepare For Puberty by reading
A L o n g Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park.
ALongWalkToWaterBased on the true-life story of two eleven-year-olds in Sudan, any teenager (or adult for that matter) will learn to appreciate the small but good things in life. The inspiration I derived from their choices and means of survival made me want to buy copies and put them in every free, little library box in my hometown.  I’m grateful that this book made it into my hands and feel it’s the perfect read to quell a bit of the growing angst inside every teen. 

Continue reading about the other books to help prepare for big moments in SEARCH Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.

SEARCH: DIY Heart Erasers

DIY Heart Erasers

by Samantha Blache

IMG_0991As Jehovah’s Witnesses, my son and I, along with millions of others around the world, attend a regional convention for three days of spiritual food. This is one of the biggest highlights of our year, and we always look forward to it. Many of the brothers and sisters there make gifts to hand out and try to base their gifts on the theme of the convention.

This year the theme was, “Love Never Fails.” What better way to show our love than making heart-shaped erasers to pass out?

Of course, you can make these for any reason and in any shape if you can find an appropriate mold. I was a bit skeptical about the idea working at first, but as my sister tried it first, I was able to sample one of hers. Surprisingly they actually work and hold up well. They aren’t heavy, and they don’t break apart as store-bought erasers do. … Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.

SEARCH: 3 Beauty Subscription Options

3 Beauty Subscription Options

by Emerian Rich


Medusa Box

When most people talk about their go-bag, they’re thinking water, food, a change of clothes, and medications. Things to carry them over in case all electricity and emergency services go down.

For me, I think instantly of makeup. After all, I can’t be caught make-up-less during the apocalypse! Not having makeup as a part of my morning routine will throw my sense of self completely out the window. Let’s be honest, most of us won’t ever use our go-bags for the big zombie plague that wipes out half the planet. We might need them for localized emergencies like a flood, fire, or earthquake. In those situations, you will still need to be presentable, and for heaven’s sake, moisturized.

What a better way to have makeup always on hand than to have a beauty subscription? But, it’s hard to know which one to choose, and for most of us, we don’t want to throw our hard-earned money away on the chance that we picked the right one. Here’s some insight into my top three, why I liked them, and why I didn’t, so you can make an informed choice…

Continue reading about Ipsy, Allure, and Medusa Makeup in SEARCH Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.

SEARCH: 5 Tips to Keep You Fit During the Holidays

Don’t Let the Holidays Weigh You Down:
5 Tips to Keep You Fit During the Holidays

by Donna Medina

 ‘TIS the season to be healthy! The holidays are here once again: the parties, the work events, and the family gatherings with late nights, early mornings, decadent food, desserts, and drinks. Some of us just can’t wait. The rest of us may be in panic mode, thinking about how we can maintain our fitness goals during the holidays. We can do it. There are ways we can still maintain our goals and yet have a good ‘ole time during the holidays.

Don’t stress. It’s time to ‘fest’. The following are helpful tips to help you maintain fitness goals during the holidays:

1. Create Healthy Habits  Let’s try to follow a regular routine of proper exercise and sleep. Though it might be tempting to stay up late every night to watch our favorite movie or to celebrate with family and friends, we still have to get enough sleep. It has been found through various studies that lack of sleep can be associated with weight gain.  Set goals that are attainable, realistic, and specific and then follow through. 

2. Pre- Festivities  Before party time, eat a healthy small meal before the event. This helps alleviate “zombie eating”, unconsciously eating snacks all through the night at the event or holiday party. Foods that are packed with fiber are Continue reading in the Winter 2019 Search Magazine issue

SEARCH: Winter 2019 Issue is Here!

Winter 2019 SEARCH Magazine

Be Prepared for Anything!

Table of Contentwinter2019cover.jpg

  • Food: Ready to Serve
  • DIY: Heart Erasers
  • Humor: I’m Prepared for Anything…Almost
  • City Spotlight: A Brief Walk Through Hanover, PA
  • #DisasterPreparedness: When the Big One Hits
  • Recipe: Pantry Chili
  • #DisasterPreparedness: Preparing for Disasters Both Big and Small
  • Fitness: Don’t Let the Holidays Weigh You Down
  • Autism: Be Prepared for School
  • #DisasterPrepareness: Preparing for the Big Moment
  • Beauty: 3 Beauty Subscriptions
  • International Travel: Ready Set, Go!

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SEARCH: 2019 Winter Editor’s Letter

Luck and Disasters
by Heather Roulo

Seneca wrote that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Really, who doesn’t want to be lucky?

When I say preparation, the average person’s mind goes to dark places of disasters and go-bags. Sure, we must consider that, but preparation can also be about working out or traveling internationally.

We spend much of our lives preparing for what comes next, especially in school where it is often about the next paper, test, or graduation. Raised like that, who can blame us if we sometimes forget to look up. As kids, it is instilled in us that preparation matters. It certainly helps, but the other side of the coin is indefinable anxiety. I sometimes wish every potential disaster came with a go-bag I could stuff to give myself confidence.

Then again, there are people who are constantly caught unprepared and lament their bad luck.

The trick is to strike a happy balance. Prepare for the things that matter, or you only get one shot at, and then stop. Instead of imagining the what-ifs, enjoy the preparations you’ve already made and pat yourself on the back.

Some of the most beautiful moments in life come from the unexpected. Remember to challenge yourself and travel into the unknown. While a little preparation goes a long way, perhaps more important than any single article on preparation is the ability to anticipate and take one or two steps to make tomorrow more comfortable than today. So, enjoy some DIY projects, put a bowl of Pantry Chili on to simmer, turn up your favorite tune, and realize that if today wasn’t a disaster, you’re doing just fine.

Aren’t you the lucky one!

Watch for our upcoming Winter 2019 SEARCH Magazine issue on how to be prepared for anything.