SEARCH: City Spolight, Toronto

City Spolight, Toronto by Tim Reynolds.

A vibrant city of 2.7 million people, Toronto, Ontario sits on the north shore of Lake Ontario, approximately eighty miles from Niagara Falls and the US border.

One of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the world, Toronto has over two hundred distinct ethnic origins. While English is the primary language of most Torontonians, over 160 languages are spoken there.

From the Royal Ontario Museum to the Ontario Science Centre (both places I hung out at in my misspent youth) Toronto is full of museums and galleries large and small. Culturally, it’s home to dozens of ballet and dance companies, a half-dozen opera companies, symphonies, and world class theaters… To read more, click on the Winter Issue here.

SEARCH: Las Vegas for Non-Gamblers

Las Vegas for Non-Gamblers

by Kay Tracy

Aerial view of Las Vegas strip in Nevada USA

Las Vegas–sometimes called Lost Wages–brings up many different images for people. Everyone knows that the main things Sin City is known for, gambling and drinking, but what to do if you don’t gamble?

To begin, they have some incredible live shows by a large variety of artists. While you can spend upwards of $100 per ticket for some of those headliners, there are a few places where you can see some great shows for what many consider chump change or even free. Contact the visitor’s centers as well as the casino or hotel customer relations desks to see what shows are on with free or low-cost tickets. Now be warned, free means you might have to buy a drink or two from the showroom bar, making soft drinks a bit costly if you do not drink alcohol….

Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Fall 2020 issue.

SEARCH: Cafe with Soul

Cafe with Soul

by Michele Roger

soul cafe 2In 1994, The Friendship Circle was founded in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It paired teen volunteers with special needs teens, including those on the autism spectrum. The primary goal was to establish a support system for the young adults and develop friendships. The program, supported by the local community, grew into what is currently over 700 teens and adult volunteers serving the community and children with special needs. With all of their success, another issue became evident: Employment.

Soul Cafe and Soul Studio became the answer. In partnership with the Epicurean Group of Detroit, Soul Cafe serves up gourmet, Kosher, vegetarian breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday. Sundays, the Cafe offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner with highlights and specials from the chef. While many vegetarian and vegan restaurants have arrived on the Detroit food scene lately, Soul Cafe has been named number one for 2018. It also offers professional kitchen training for special needs adults. Trainees from the Soul Cafe work side by side with chefs and managers to learn the art of cooking and preparing food at the fine dining level. Trainees learn valuable skills otherwise taught in culinary school, from baking to sauces and plating to catering while earning their Serv Safe certificates … Read more in the Spring 2019 issue.

SEARCH: Grosse Point War Memorial


Grosse Point War Memorial

by Michele Roger

GrossePtIf you’ve ever seen the movie, “Grosse Pointe Blank,” starring John Cusack and Mini Driver, you’ve seen the beautiful strip along Lake Saint Clair in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. The final scene has the two lovers escaping the city in a convertible as they drive down Lake Shore Road. The Grosse Pointe War Memorial is situated along the same, gorgeous stretch of road.

The Grosse Pointe War Memorial is rooted in a family legacy where the grounds have been repurposed to serve as a local arts, history, and patriotism center. Once a family home, the historic Alger Estate offers programs to honor veterans. Additionally, its gardens are dedicated to the military and veterans who have served in all countries. Many “Grosse Pointers” visit the memorial each year to show their children and grandchildren their family names of soldiers who served as far back as WWII.

The Alger house itself is built in an Italian Renaissance-style which was completed in 1910 for Russell A. Alger, Jr. and his family. While the stunning architecture is a photographer’s dream, its Italian American style was invented by architect Charles A. Platt. Ellen Biddle Shipman was hired to design and install the landscaping…. Continue reading it the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: The Presidio, San Francisco


The Presidio, San Francisco

by Emerian Rich

PresidioThe Presidio is a beautiful stretch of land filled with gorgeous wooded parks, fabulous ocean views, 17th century buildings, and a vibrant history. The 1,500 acre park, a past military post transformed into an outdoor recreational hub,retains its important historical charm. With 25 miles of bikeways and trails, 323 bird species, 330 native plant species, and 30 butterfly species, the Presidio is a nature-lovers’ dream.

The first thing you’ll find yourself doing here is snapping photos. I dare you to visit without immediately pulling out your phone or digital camera and snapping away.

Standing on the Main Post grass, looking out at the ocean, it’s hard to believe such a placid place was once the site of military readiness. To think military men resided there, right on the ocean, and looked out at the same sea as me, blows my mind. Did their eyes meet the sea and awe at its beauty? Or were they fearful of the enemy who might attack and paranoid about how open and vulnerable they were? Even still, when told they were being sent overseas, did they imagine what that other coast might be like where they would meet the enemy face-to-face? What would they be asked to do to protect their country? Continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH magazine.

SEARCH: Queen Mary Ghosts

Queen Mary Ghosts
by Linda Whitaker

QM at nightCommissioned in 1936, the Queen Mary was a state-of-the-art luxury cruising vessel, one of the grandest ocean liners ever built.

During World War II, with resources being scarce, she was retrofitted as a troop ship, nicknamed the Grey Ghost, and began service to the allied forces. After her return to civilian life, in the late 1940’s, she again spent years in the luxury liner industry, but travel was a changing landscape, and more and more people took to the air. The Queen Mary was tired, weathered, and no longer in demand.

In 1967, finding a resting place in Long Beach, California, she’s become an iconic landmark that everyone should attempt to see. The history of this ship is fascinating. Walking up to the Queen Mary, one is immediately struck by the enormity … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue.