SEARCH: Women and the Future of Space

Women and the Future of Space
by Camellia Rains

RainsPhotoI wanted to write a piece that was important to me and decided to write about the future of space; specifically, the future of women in space and science.

You may have heard of the acronym STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics.) These types of curriculums are getting a lot of attention now and are being directed toward young women to encourage them to choose careers in the sciences. Everywhere you look there is talk about our future in space, the moon, Mars, and beyond. We are in another space race, and those who will get us there will be our youth.

I had the pleasure of attending two STEM/ STEAM events recently that are encouraging our young women to pursue careers in fields that have been typically dominated by men … continue reading in the Fall 2019 issue.

SEARCH: Making Life Easier for Mom

Making Life Easier for Mom: Tech & the Octogenarian

by Tim Reynolds

IMG-4598It’s hard to predict how a gift will impact the receiver’s life, but when I upgraded from my iPad Gen. 2 to an iPad Air 2, I gave my old one to my mother, telling her that she could use it as an eBook reader and play Bridge on it, for a start.

Mom isn’t particularly tech-savvy. She used to call floppy disks “flippy disks”, but once her youngest grandson sat her down to show her the ins and outs of the iPad, she’d found a new best friend.

You see, Mom is a seasoned and frequent world traveler, but her eyesight isn’t good enough for a smartphone’s small screen. The tablet, on the other hand, is perfect. Also, sitting at a desk is difficult on most bodies, but it’s especially troubling for older muscles and bones. The tablet allows Mom the flexibility of reading in the rocker, in bed, or out on the balcony.

She’s also petite, no more than five-foot-zip, so the weight of the tablet, even in its case, is much less than her big laptop. The tablet also fits into the same space once reserved in her bag for a hardcover novel. A small 17″ flat screen monitor sits on the kitchen counter in order to keep her company and au courant with the news while she’s eating or cooking, but the tablet now allows her to pull up a recipe and have it right there in front of her or the latest Arthur Hill novel. Read more in the Spring 2019 issue

SEARCH: Keeping Connected

Keeping Connected

by Dianna Kersey

Once upon a time, I was a military wife with a child at home. My husband was away in the navy.

Not being able to communicate when I wanted/needed or not knowing what was happening to him, while he was at basic training and deployed overseas were some of the most difficult times in my life. To get a letter in the mail was what I lived for. I have fond memories of sharing a journal— now a cherished keepsake—we mailed back and forth between us when we were younger.

Nowadays communication has changed drastically with technology. With the onset of the Internet, we have more ways to communicate than ever conceived a mere twenty-five years ago. In today’s world, that kind of communication is archaic when generations have grown up with computers, video cameras, the Internet, smart phones, social media, blogs, and virtual augmented reality. Years ago, the military really didn’t care much about the home life of a soldier, either.… Continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH magazine.

SEARCH: Top Five Music Apps

Top Five Music Apps

by Elliot Thorpe

The way we listen to recorded music has evolved over the last few years and is miles away from what our grandparents or even parents had.

TECHThe first half of the twentieth century saw the advent of the 78rpm 10 inch records which give way in 1949 to the smaller 7 inch vinyl singles, pioneered by RCA Victor and playing at a less-nippy 45rpm. The first LP record played at a more sedate 33rpm on 12 inches in diameter preceded the 7 inch single by under a year in 1949. As the century thundered along and adapted to the quickly-changing world, so did the formats of how we could take our favorite recording artists home. In addition to the 7 inch and 12 inch vinyls, we had 8-track cartridges, reel-to-reels, compact tape cassettes, and mini-discs, all eventually phased out to be superseded by the mighty compact disc. This shiny, 5 inch circle remains as the world’s most popular physical format. (The current resurgence of vinyl and, to some extent, compact tape cassettes are bringing back the halcyon days of music collecting.)

The new kid on the block, the digital download, arrived with the 21st century technology explosion. Following in its wake came software application that can be added to a cellphone, tablet, or…continue reading in the Spring 2018 issue

SEARCH: Stay Cozy Inside with Tech

Stay Cozy Inside with Tech

by Heather Roulo

When winter arrives, it’s nice to curl up on the couch and stay cozy by the fire. Technology is here to help you find excuses to remain indoors. Check out what’s happening in home automation, entertainment, and at-home dining.

echoappHome Automation

If you spend the holidays traveling, it’s nice to have the powerful ability to change which lights are on in the house, monitor it remotely with motion sensors, or even watch a video link of your driveway with network enabled cameras.

Setup is still a bit tricky, and you may have to use a combination of systems to get just what you’re looking for. Hue light bulbs, SmartThings outlets, and Ring doorbells offer options to put you in control.

While you could check your SmartHome app on your phone, adding a central hub, like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, allows you to verbally…continue reading in the Winter 2017 magazine.

SEARCH: De-cabling VS. Cable

De-cabling VS. Cable
by Emerian Rich

huluTo de-cable or not to decable, that is the question. In the duel between de-cabling versus traditional cable companies, who wins?

With the high cost of cable and the creation of independent entertainment companies like Netflix and Hulu, people are seriously questioning their options. Can they go off the main network system, have a lower bill, and watch more quality programming they enjoy, when they want to enjoy it?

My household de-cabled about ten years ago and never looked back. Our biggest problems with cable were work shifts and commercials. The shows we wanted to watch were never on at the time we wanted, and if we channel surfed, we ended up bored or watching DVDs instead. At the time, we had a newborn baby, and every time he needed something, we’d miss a chunk of our show. At that time, pausing live TV and “on demand” viewing wasn’t an option unless you paid even more money for TiVo service. Basically, appointment TV just wasn’t working for us, and paying close to one hundred dollars a month felt like a rip-off. So, we de-cabled.

De-cableing gives you the power of choice. Depending on how you choose, you will most likely pay less on subscriptions, but is de-cableing right for you?

The cons to de-cableing? Live TV can be tough. If you like local news, watching…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Tech to Help Organize Your Life

Tech to Help Organize Your Life
By Ron Vitale

wunderlist-rvitaleWe are all busy with one thing or another, but what if there were tools to help make things easier? Thankfully, with a little bit of ingenuity, you can now solve some simple problems that take up time. Efficiency equals more time with how busy we all are in our day-to-day lives, using these tech tips can help make a dent into earning back some of the day. Minutes saved here and there add up to less stress and frustration as well as more time. Whatever you decide, give these tech tips a try, and then sit back and relax with that extra time you’ll gain. Want to learn? Here we go!


Another great free app for your smartphone is Wunderlist. With the free version, you can create simple “to do” lists tied to your phone. Once you get started, you can create as many lists as you want and even build reminders.

With Wunderlist, you can plan out, not just recurring events, but one time issues. With each list, you can add a file, comments, subtasks, and set the reminder to be repeated or for one time. I often use my smartphone as extra…continue reading.

SEARCH: Gardening Apps

In the Spring Issue of SEARCH Magazine,
we have a fun article about Gardening Apps by Dianna Kersey

Wade Fuson - Master Gardener

Wade Fuson – Master Gardener

Back in the 70’s, my grandfather was a part of the organic gardening movement using natural predators and flowers in his gardens. He used science, math, and astronomy for bug control, plant spacing, and sowing the harvest. Back then, I didn’t care about the whats or whys he did the things he did, because my only job was to pick potato bugs, pull weeds, and haul rocks. I didn’t think gardening was that great at the time, but I cherish the memories now. Still, I could have done without the rocks.

My grandfather spent hours researching what kinds of plants were growing in his garden and trying to identify the flower type the bees loved so he could propagate them. He would spend evenings combing through the seed catalogs, and the next season grandma was cooking all kinds of crazy stuff we’d never seen before. That’s when I learned about kohlrabi and how deliciously weird it is…” to read the full article, check out the free eCopy here.


Geek Out for the Holidays

Geek Out for the Holidays

by Dianna Kersey

delete-cookies-2Do you remember how you felt when you discovered the Internet? Nothing was unobtainable except faster online speeds. How great would you feel knowing you helped another person connect? If my grandfather were still alive, I’d never be able to pry his hard-working, arthritic hands away from the keyboard. To this day, his constant thirst for knowledge inspires me to never stop learning.

  1. Teach Tech: Give the gift of your time. Consider offering a class at a library or a local veterans VFW, American Legion, Moose, or Lions club. Help active senior centers set up WiFi and offer a class on how to hook up phones and tablets. More importantly, help seniors understand how to stay safe on the Internet and avoid scams...” to read the full article, download the free eCopy of SEARCH Magazine‘s Winter Issue.