SEARCH: What I Learned in the Army

What I Learned in the Army
by Steve Mix

FirstHandI learned a thousand lessons in the service and not just from leadership. I remember being nervous the first day we had to throw a live grenade.

My buddy said, “Mix, you know, even if you are nervous, you should try and be confident around your brothers. Fear and nervousness is the most contagious thing in the world, and the one thing that can quickly doom us all.” I’ll never let go of that lesson. It is why, even when petrified, you’ll see me square my shoulders and stand tall.

My time there carries memories I will never forget. In basic training, we had a guy named Jackson. Some folks called him, “Baby talk” because he had a lisp. He would say things like, “We ish going to go over here guysh.” He sounded quite a bit like Elmer Fudd from the old Looney Tunes cartoons.

We had to wear burlap strips on our helmets, since most of our training was in the forest around Fort Benning. You cut up pieces of burlap and wrap them around your helmet to help camouflage you in forest settings. Burlap strips tend … Continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH magazine.


SEARCH: Winter 2018 Issue

Feature: The Presidio, San Francisco, CA

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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1st Hand Account

What I Learned in the Military


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SEARCH: Locked Out

Locked Out
by Larriane Barnard

keys2.jpgI’ve never been quite so embarrassed as when I asked my husband
to call roadside assistance. I stopped at a convenience store for a thirty-twoounce
soda. Caffeine fortification ensured, my next errand was a quick trip into the wholesale house for one item. For less to carry, I poked the keys into my pocket and tucked my purse under the seat. My wallet went into the oxygen tank bag I carry for my emphysema. As I crawled out, I flipped the auto-lock button. Once inside the store, I snagged an electric cart.

I was really trucking then, as fast as one can on those carts. When I got back to my car and reached in my pocket for my keys, no keys. I slapped every pocket. No keys. Tugged and pulled on the door. I even went to the other side of the car to tug and pull like I’d miraculously find the automatic lock hadn’t really locked all the doors. From there I could see the keys, lying on the driver’s seat … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue.

SEARCH: What is your favorite Bay Area memory? Winning Entry

Winners of the SEARCH Magazine write-in contest.

winner 2

“The day the Golden Gate Bridge disappeared.”
By Patricia Watson

Some years ago, a friend from the East Coast came for a visit. Her bucket list included seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove into San Francisco just as the afternoon fog rolled in. I took her to Ft. Point, hoping to show her the view from directly under the bridge where Alfred Hitchcock filmed scenes from Vertigo.

By the time we parked and entered the old fort, the fog was thick right to the ground. I tried to convince her we were directly under the bridge, but no go. She wouldn’t believe that the big pillars we were standing by led to a bridge overhead.

I brought her back to the same spot the next day in the sunshine and she was speechless.

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SEARCH Magazine Special Mother’s Issue Contest

How much do you love your mother?
Enough to feature her in a magazine?

Has your mother done something amazing for the world?
Has she changed people’s lives for the better?
Maybe she’s a quiet support who’s special just to you.

Enter your mom in the SEARCH Magazine Mother’s Issue Contest
by sending us:

*a photo of you and your mother
*500-1000 words on why your mom is the greatest

Deadline: December 1st, 2018

Send entries to

Use the subject line: SEARCH MOTHER’S CONTEST.

The winners mom will be featured in the Spring 2019 Mother’s Issue.

SEARCH: What is your favorite Bay Area memory?

Winners of the SEARCH Magazine write-in contest.

winner 1

“Waiting outside the Palace of Fine arts in 1979 to go in to the Tutankhamun Exhibit.”
By Jason Malcolm Stewart

My mother had only been able to get me and my brother a ticket. She was planning to wait outside while we went in. Someone over heard our problem and gave my mother a ticket, allowing us all to go in. The Tut exhibit was amazing and has stayed my one of my favorite childhood memories all these years.

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SEARCH: Kalamu Chaché

Kalamu Chaché
by Kim Richards

poetessBorn and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Poetess Kalamu Chaché has lived and worked in East Palo Alto, California since the 1960’s.

Since her residency, Chaché served the East Bayshore community of East Palo Alto and the Belle Haven area of Menlo Park in numerous professional, executive, administrative, advocacy, and artistic areas of employment and volunteer services. The Poet Laureate of East Palo Alto since 1983, she authored three volumes of poetry: Survival Tactics (1975), A Change of Interest (1983), and Survival Interest: A Collection Of Revisited Poems (2013). Her poems appear in several book anthologies, newspapers, calendars, event programs, social media, and a wall exhibit at the East Palo Alto Library.

Her Kalamu Productions is dedicated to creative arts works to bring The Arts closer to peoples’ hearts.

Thank you for visiting with us. What brought you to California?
It was a family decision. My Dad came to work for Flying Tigers Airlines in the San Francisco Bay Area. I suffered with Asthma for many years. The doctors advised that a better climate than Brooklyn might be better for me. My Dad brought me and my … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue.

SEARCH: Fall 2018 Issue

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Seattle, Washington


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Poetess Kalamu Chaché


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Locked Out


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Egyptian Culture

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SEARCH: Summer Fitness Tips

Summer Fitness Tips
by Donna Medina

HEATLTH Heather put under article blurb cause adIt’s the time of the year again when everyone’s schedule seems to fill up a lot faster than ever with outdoor activities and vacations.

Perhaps, you’ve already prepared your summer activities and outfits, but is your body ready for it? If you’re shaking your head or even unsure what to answer, don’t worry. It is not too late! With the following fitness tips, you can surely get your summer activity body ready for the summer heat.

Do the Boxing Workout

You don’t need fancy equipment to stay fit and active. A boxing workout will allow you to boost your strength, increase speed, and endurance. Though this workout can be a bit intense, the hard work is undoubtedly worth the reward. It combines speed, power, quickness, agility, and strength to ensure proper balance. Not only can you … continue reading in the Summer 2018 issue.