Past Issues

City Spotlight

Colorado Springs, Colorado


3 Reasons why octopus are the coolest animals in the sea.


The truth about Tourette’s Syndrome.


#OceanLife books.

Author Spotlight

Michele Roger


The Sound of the Sea.


Bahamas vacation.


Grilled Apricot-Jalapeno Glazed Shrimp


Olympia National Park


Recycling Glass Jars


Summer Fitness Tips

Autism / Parenting

Just Keep Swimming


I am Boat People


Event pictures


Half Moon Bay


#OceanLife Scavenger Hunt

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City Spotlight

Berkeley, California


Five Gardening Favorites

Author Spotlight

Tim Reynolds


Top Five Music Apps


Benefits of Culinary Herbs


Bartram’s House and Garden


Harp in the Garden


Angel Hair with Garlic, Ricotta, and Fava Beans

Do it Yourself

Brewing Kombucha


Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Autism / Parenting

Ambiguous Loss


Trees, Sir


Event pictures


Hand Fan Museum


Picks from the marketplace


Garden Bingo

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SEARCH Magazine Winter 2017

Galindo House,
A giant part of Concord and Contra Costa history. We go inside the house built by Don Francisco Galindo and his wife Maria Dolores Pacheco.

City Spotlight
Rodeo, California
Five Books to Achieve Cozy
Stay Cozy Inside with Tech
Post-Partum Congestive Heart Failure
Iceland: The Land of Fire & Ice
Ella Fitzgerald, 100 Years
Braised Tri-Tip with Sherry-Mushroom Gravy
Do it Yourself
Hot Cozy Drink Ideas
Believe in Your Worth
Autism / Parenting
Frustration Station
Prince Goofball and the Search for Cozy
Event pictures from around the Bay.
Bay Area Attraction
SCRAP, San Francisco
Cozy Quizzes
Something to do While You Coze


SEARCH Magazine Fall 2017

An Interview with
Artist Kenny Cowan
Kenny Cowan is a Bay Area painter whose art is inspired by northern California’s vast landscapes.

City Spotlight
El Sobrante, a small town with a big heart.

Dress your table to impress.

Abie Ekenezar, actress and writer.

New Zealand, The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Dean Martin, a personal recollection.

Food in literature.

Chorizo tamale pie

Do it Yourself
Roast your own coffee.

Pros and cons of working from home.

Autism / Parenting
Our food story.

Don’t kick the cook!

Bay Area Attraction
Fall celebrations.

Event pictures from around the Bay.

Party Planner
Plan the best party by using our plan.


Issue #9- Summer 2017

Summer Adventures
Amazing places to go, play and explore right in our own backyard.

  • City Spotlight – Concord, California, one of the ten-best places in the world to retire.
  • Armchair Adventures- Go on an adventure in your own home.
  • Interview -Susan Grant, pilot and author.
  • Travel – Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival
  • Health – Lyme Disease myths
  • Books – Four books that will change your life.
  • Food – Slow cooker carnitas with white masa waffles.
  • Do it Yourself – Creating decorative sound-proof wall art.
  • Community – The Empowerment Plan, bringing hope to the homeless.
  • Autism/Parenting – How to enjoy your new adventure.
  • Humor – Fifty shades of beige.
  • Bay Area Attraction -San Francisco Bay Area Maritime Museums.
  • Local Business Spotlight –Nappy or Not, Oakland, CA
  • Bay Area Attraction – Start your own Summer Adventure Bullet Journal
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Issue #8 – Spring 2017

with Dr. Teresa Spencer. It’s springtime, and with it comes more outdoor activities. This is a great time to take the dog out for a Frisbee game in the park or let your cats out on the patio for some sun.

  • City Spotlight
    Orinda, California, one of America’s friendliest towns.
  • Animal Rescue & Foster Care
    Shelters around the Bay need your help.
  • The Importance of Exercise
    Do you want to be happier, reduce stress, and lead a healthier lifestyle?
  • The Sounds of the City
    Our iconic city has been the backdrop to a whole host of movies.
  • Fur-tastic Vacations
    What are the best places when travelling with you pet?
  • De-cabling VS. Cable
    In the duel between de-cabling versus traditional cable companies, who wins?
  • Interview with Kimbe Abernathy
    She’s turned her natural gifts into an influential brand.
  • 5 Fantastic Dog Books
    Indeed, dogs and books go together like chew toys and tennis balls.
  • Spring Fresh Pea Soup
    Learn how to make the best pea soup you’ve ever tasted.
  • Build a Catio
    To keep cats safely outdoors, build a catio or catbitat.
  • The Ghost Ship Fire
    A tragic loss in Oakland’s art community.
  • Take Care of You
    Do not feel guilty for taking care of yourself.
  • Just One of the Litter
    A humorous look at pet ownership. Do you own them or do they own you?
  • Bay Area Attraction
    Japantown is often an over-looked part of San Francisco some people don’t even know is there.
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    Issue #7 – Winter 2016

    • Colorful Murals Bringing Oakland to Life
    • Beating the Winter Blues
    • Retro Cool: Vinyl Shopping
    • 5 Great Books for Winter
    • Tech to Help Organize Your Life
    • Punk Drunk Love:  A Detroit Story
    • Clove Studded Ham with Orange Glaze
    • Making Old Things New
    • Monique Harris Artist, Poet, Unstoppable Creative
    • THE LIGHTER SIDE:  Bachelor to Grandfather in a Blink
    • BAY AREA: The Palace of Fine Arts
    • City Spotlight: Niles
    • Events: Writer Conferences in Seattle and Northern California
    • And much more. Read now!


Issue #6 – Fall 2016

  • Eyescream Artist Ruby Smith
  • Bug-out Bags and Why You Need One
  • The Great Sammy Davis, Jr.
  • 5 Spooky Books for Fall
  • Cataract Surgery, Close to a Miracle
  • 5 Apps for Writers
  • Windsor, A Bucket List Must for Every Traveler
  • Dia De Los Muertos
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
  • How to Make Your Own Jewelry
  • What is it Really Like to Have a Child with Autism?
  • City Spotlight: Pinole
  • Bay Area attractions: Honoring the Dead
  • Lighter side: Name that Therapy
  • Events: London International Food Festival
  • And much more. Read now!


SEARCH Magazine #5, Summer 2016

  • 50 Bay Area Day Trips
  • Geocaching: Get lost and find hidden trasures!
  • An interview with Unleashing Mr. Darcy author Teri Wilson
  • Grilled Romaine Salad recipe
  • Tips for Seniors: Keeping Active
  • Music Snapshot: San Francisco, 1959
  • Drought-Friendly Gardens
  • Summer books
  • Spectacular climbs and vines in Morganton, North Carolina
  • Autism awareness
  • City Spotlight: Vallejo
  • Bay Area attractions: Thrifting in Contra Costa
  • Lighter side: Defying death to impress a girl
  • And much more. Read now!


SEARCH Magazine #4, Spring 2016

  • An interview with Sacred Laughter artist Robin Senour
  • Celebrating Black History: Opera Singer Marian Anderson
  • How to make basket-weave cookies
  • Spring cleaning-the fun way
  • Gardening Apps
  • Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary
  • Fun Spring reads
  • Exploring covers and soundtracks
  • The Michigan Pioneer Wine Trail
  • How to: Make luffa soap
  • Autism awareness
  • City Spotlight: Antioch
  • Bay Area attractions: Wave Organ
  • Lighter side: What not to do when self-publishing
  • And much more. Read now!


SEARCH Magazine  Issue #3 Winter 2015

  • Finding Your Zen During the Holidays
  • Discovering Family Connections
  • Holiday Music
  • 5 Books to Read this Holiday
  • Geek Out for the Holidays
  • A Seattle Progressive Dinner
  • Recipe: Forgotten Cookies
  • How NOT to Make Fruitcake
  • Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate
  • 5 Holiday Tips for Parents with Autistic Kids
  • Fighting Holiday Stress One Bath at a Time
  • How to: Make Fuse-bead Snowflake Ornaments
  • City Spotlight: San Francisco
  • Bay Area attractions: Charles Dickens Christmas Fair
  • Lighter side: Santa, Seniors, and a Goat
  • And much more…


Issue #2  Fall 2015

  • An interview with Ghost Golf Creator, Daryn Coleman
  • Fall Cake Decorating Tips
  • Celebrating Sinatra’s Centenary
  • An interview with Horror Author, Emerian Rich
  • New Zealanders Share in Toronto’s Rich History
  • Being an Artist in the the Bay Area
  • Four Apps that Changed our Virtual World
  • Running the Golden Gate Bridge
  • How to: Rustic “Found” Elements Diffuser Bowl
  • City Spotlight: Martinez
  • Bay Area attractions: Winchester and Alcatraz at Night
  • Lighter side: The Great Bad Costume
  • And much more…
 searchmag2 Issue #1
Summer 2015
We are happy to announce our first issue!

  • An interview with sculptor, Al Farrow
  • Review of Autism Speaks Walk Now
  • Tech tools to help enrich your life
  • An interview with fireworks expert Tracy Baker Birch
  • How to run a successful art business
  • Patriotic pie recipe
  • How to make citronella candles
  • Books to read on vacation
  • Bay Area attractions
  • Something to tickle your funny bone
  • And much more…