Past Issues

Issue #9- Summer 2017

Summer Adventures
Amazing places to go, play and explore right in our own backyard.

  • City Spotlight – Concord, California, one of the ten-best places in the world to retire.
  • Armchair Adventures- Go on an adventure in your own home.
  • Interview -Susan Grant, pilot and author.
  • Travel – Mid-Michigan Renaissance Festival
  • Health – Lyme Disease myths
  • Books – Four books that will change your life.
  • Food – Slow cooker carnitas with white masa waffles.
  • Do it Yourself – Creating decorative sound-proof wall art.
  • Community – The Empowerment Plan, bringing hope to the homeless.
  • Autism/Parenting – How to enjoy your new adventure.
  • Humor – Fifty shades of beige.
  • Bay Area Attraction -San Francisco Bay Area Maritime Museums.
  • Local Business Spotlight –Nappy or Not, Oakland, CA
  • Bay Area Attraction – Start your own Summer Adventure Bullet Journal
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Issue #8 – Spring 2017

with Dr. Teresa Spencer. It’s springtime, and with it comes more outdoor activities. This is a great time to take the dog out for a Frisbee game in the park or let your cats out on the patio for some sun.

  • City Spotlight
    Orinda, California, one of America’s friendliest towns.
  • Animal Rescue & Foster Care
    Shelters around the Bay need your help.
  • The Importance of Exercise
    Do you want to be happier, reduce stress, and lead a healthier lifestyle?
  • The Sounds of the City
    Our iconic city has been the backdrop to a whole host of movies.
  • Fur-tastic Vacations
    What are the best places when travelling with you pet?
  • De-cabling VS. Cable
    In the duel between de-cabling versus traditional cable companies, who wins?
  • Interview with Kimbe Abernathy
    She’s turned her natural gifts into an influential brand.
  • 5 Fantastic Dog Books
    Indeed, dogs and books go together like chew toys and tennis balls.
  • Spring Fresh Pea Soup
    Learn how to make the best pea soup you’ve ever tasted.
  • Build a Catio
    To keep cats safely outdoors, build a catio or catbitat.
  • The Ghost Ship Fire
    A tragic loss in Oakland’s art community.
  • Take Care of You
    Do not feel guilty for taking care of yourself.
  • Just One of the Litter
    A humorous look at pet ownership. Do you own them or do they own you?
  • Bay Area Attraction
    Japantown is often an over-looked part of San Francisco some people don’t even know is there.
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    Issue #7 – Winter 2016

    • Colorful Murals Bringing Oakland to Life
    • Beating the Winter Blues
    • Retro Cool: Vinyl Shopping
    • 5 Great Books for Winter
    • Tech to Help Organize Your Life
    • Punk Drunk Love:  A Detroit Story
    • Clove Studded Ham with Orange Glaze
    • Making Old Things New
    • Monique Harris Artist, Poet, Unstoppable Creative
    • THE LIGHTER SIDE:  Bachelor to Grandfather in a Blink
    • BAY AREA: The Palace of Fine Arts
    • City Spotlight: Niles
    • Events: Writer Conferences in Seattle and Northern California
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Issue #6 – Fall 2016

  • Eyescream Artist Ruby Smith
  • Bug-out Bags and Why You Need One
  • The Great Sammy Davis, Jr.
  • 5 Spooky Books for Fall
  • Cataract Surgery, Close to a Miracle
  • 5 Apps for Writers
  • Windsor, A Bucket List Must for Every Traveler
  • Dia De Los Muertos
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
  • How to Make Your Own Jewelry
  • What is it Really Like to Have a Child with Autism?
  • City Spotlight: Pinole
  • Bay Area attractions: Honoring the Dead
  • Lighter side: Name that Therapy
  • Events: London International Food Festival
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SEARCH Magazine #5, Summer 2016

  • 50 Bay Area Day Trips
  • Geocaching: Get lost and find hidden trasures!
  • An interview with Unleashing Mr. Darcy author Teri Wilson
  • Grilled Romaine Salad recipe
  • Tips for Seniors: Keeping Active
  • Music Snapshot: San Francisco, 1959
  • Drought-Friendly Gardens
  • Summer books
  • Spectacular climbs and vines in Morganton, North Carolina
  • Autism awareness
  • City Spotlight: Vallejo
  • Bay Area attractions: Thrifting in Contra Costa
  • Lighter side: Defying death to impress a girl
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SEARCH Magazine #4, Spring 2016

  • An interview with Sacred Laughter artist Robin Senour
  • Celebrating Black History: Opera Singer Marian Anderson
  • How to make basket-weave cookies
  • Spring cleaning-the fun way
  • Gardening Apps
  • Dark Shadows 50th Anniversary
  • Fun Spring reads
  • Exploring covers and soundtracks
  • The Michigan Pioneer Wine Trail
  • How to: Make luffa soap
  • Autism awareness
  • City Spotlight: Antioch
  • Bay Area attractions: Wave Organ
  • Lighter side: What not to do when self-publishing
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SEARCH Magazine  Issue #3 Winter 2015

  • Finding Your Zen During the Holidays
  • Discovering Family Connections
  • Holiday Music
  • 5 Books to Read this Holiday
  • Geek Out for the Holidays
  • A Seattle Progressive Dinner
  • Recipe: Forgotten Cookies
  • How NOT to Make Fruitcake
  • Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate
  • 5 Holiday Tips for Parents with Autistic Kids
  • Fighting Holiday Stress One Bath at a Time
  • How to: Make Fuse-bead Snowflake Ornaments
  • City Spotlight: San Francisco
  • Bay Area attractions: Charles Dickens Christmas Fair
  • Lighter side: Santa, Seniors, and a Goat
  • And much more…


Issue #2  Fall 2015

  • An interview with Ghost Golf Creator, Daryn Coleman
  • Fall Cake Decorating Tips
  • Celebrating Sinatra’s Centenary
  • An interview with Horror Author, Emerian Rich
  • New Zealanders Share in Toronto’s Rich History
  • Being an Artist in the the Bay Area
  • Four Apps that Changed our Virtual World
  • Running the Golden Gate Bridge
  • How to: Rustic “Found” Elements Diffuser Bowl
  • City Spotlight: Martinez
  • Bay Area attractions: Winchester and Alcatraz at Night
  • Lighter side: The Great Bad Costume
  • And much more…
 searchmag2 Issue #1
Summer 2015
We are happy to announce our first issue!

  • An interview with sculptor, Al Farrow
  • Review of Autism Speaks Walk Now
  • Tech tools to help enrich your life
  • An interview with fireworks expert Tracy Baker Birch
  • How to run a successful art business
  • Patriotic pie recipe
  • How to make citronella candles
  • Books to read on vacation
  • Bay Area attractions
  • Something to tickle your funny bone
  • And much more…