SEARCH: The Wonders of Kyoto

The Wonders of Kyoto

by Lillian Csernica

Kyoto-cc-by-SAIf you’re interested in experiencing the wonders of both ancient and modern Japan, then you must visit Kyoto. I live in California. It took one car, three planes, a bus, and a taxi to get me from my home to the hotel in Kyoto. Does that sound exhausting? It was, but what I found in Kyoto made it all worthwhile.

Kyoto Station Kyoto Station is huge and beautiful. The clerk at my hotel assured me I could find whatever I wanted inside Kyoto Station, and she was right. In addition to the train station, you’ll find a theater, two malls, a museum, a bus station, a 540-room hotel, and at least two dozen restaurants. Kyoto Station has its own zip code. No wonder! It’s a city unto itself. Someone is always ready to help, both the officials and the everyday folks.

At Kyoto Station, they’re used to helping foreigners find their way around, and many of the taxi drivers are eager to practice their English language skills. One driver played American rock-n-roll on his radio. While we talked about his favorite bands, he opened the glove box and … read more in the Spring 2019 issue.


SEARCH: Author Spotlight Sumiko Saulson

Author Spotlight on Sumiko Saulson

Location: Oakland, CA

New by Sumiko Saulson ad springWhat’s an article you’ve written for SEARCH that you enjoyed? And why did you enjoy it?

I really enjoyed writing a Black History Month article about Marian Anderson. She was my great grandfather’s first cousin, and my mom always talked about wanting to meet her as a child. Marian Anderson used to invite my grandmother and other relatives to her ranch. I am very proud of being related to her and was thrilled to highlight such an important historical figure for African American History Month.

What was your favorite thing to do as a child?

I loved roller skating and drawing, probably drawing more, though. My mom said I used to throw temper tantrums at the grocery store if she didn’t buy me new crayons and paints every time we walked past the toy aisle, so I guess I was a prima donna artist at a very young age. I still paint and draw quite a bit and even have acrylic paintings in art galleries. I write a comic book called Mauskaveli.

Do you have a hot tip for us? (What is a product/ app/food/store/website that you use right now that you can’t do without or that you like right now? And why?) I just finished reading the last of  … continue reading in the Spring 2019 issue of SEARCH.



SEARCH: Amazing Mothers

Winners of the SEARCH Magazine Mom Celebration

It’s no surprise that entrants for the SEARCH Magazine celebration love their mothers. Essays about motherhood aren’t as easy as they sound. Too often, we fall into the trap of generic platitudes toward motherhood. Rather, each woman is an individual who reflects the passions and vagaries of life. To live well, and care for others at the same time, is definitely something worth celebrating. Moms are amazing people whose lives are especially appreciated during times of trial. These grown daughters wrote us to reflect on the events and history that shaped the amazing women who raised them.


Everyone loves their mother and thinks she’s special. My mother was no different. My grandmother, Eleanor, was the center of Mom’s world until she died when my mom was barely thirty-one.

My mother has caSumiko mom 2018 Picturencer now and is in the late stages of her nine-year struggle with Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer in leukemia and lymphoma cancers that affects African Americans twice as often as the rest of the population.

Even in her valiant fight against cancer, my mom has been exceptional. August 10, 2018 was her ninth year as a cancer survivor. Her life expectancy after diagnosis was only about two and a half years. She has far exceeded all expectations, thanks largely to her amazing oncologist, Dr. Chainarong Limvarpus, at Sutter Solano Cancer Care Center in Vallejo. My mother was a black community leader. Together, we started Iconoclast Productions back in 1993, a San Francisco based media-arts non-profit that launched the African American Multimedia Conference in 1996 and the San Francisco Black Independent Film Festival.

She wrote grants for San Francisco Juneteenth Festival and the California Blues Festival, and helped to organize events like … read more in the Spring 2019 issue


You know that person that is a part of your life through every event, always has your back, and protects you no matter what?

For me, that was my mother. Throughout my twenty-two years of life, she has been through more battles than most and has come out stronger in the end.

IMG_3127My mom, Meegan Normandeau, is a mom of four and a retired flight attendant for Delta Air Lines. She worked long days traveling across the United States. She has an adventurous heart and at a young age traveled to Korea. She loved New York, and she knew how to embrace cultures of all parts of the world. Even though she loved her work, she made the sacrifice to leave it and become a stay-at-home mom. She continues to raise her children incredibly. She leads by example and shows truth in her words no matter what.

Just over four years ago, our family experienced the painful loss of my grandmother, one of the hardest things I had ever experienced. I know for my mom, it was devastating. My grandmother, Sharon, was a fighter that loved and lived life fearlessly. She had a heart of gold and gave her effort, time, and charity wherever she felt it just. I know that anyone who knew them both saw many parts of Sharon in her daughter, Meegan, both physically and in personality. As I got older, I also noticed read more in the Spring 2019 issue

SEARCH: How Much Do You Love Your Mom?

How Much Do You Love Your Mom?
by Jeannie Normandeau


How much do you love your mother?DearSearchPhoto

One of the most powerful, infectious feelings of love you can have is from your mother. Mothers are always with you no matter where you are. They are the whispers of leaves blowing in the wind. The smell of certain foods, fragrances, and flowers gives you the sense of mother’s home comfort. She’s the cool hand on your forehead when you’re not feeling well.

She’s your breath of air on a cold winter day. She’s the words you find yourself saying to your own children, the smile and tears when you realize they are her words. She’s your first love, best friend, and a partner in crime for life. Mothers are like beautiful flowers; they’re always blooming and showering us with love. -Jeannie Normandeau

Have your mother done something amazing for the world? Has she changed people’s lives for the better? Maybe she’s a quiet support that is special just to you. Write in to tell us about your amazing mom. Send mail to:

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SEARCH: Spring 2019 Editor Letter

EditorLetterPhotoMotherhood is a massive responsibility I approached with both trepidation and glee. So much is at stake when one cares for a child, and the rewards are unlike any other. For me, motherhood is about loving, caregiving, and providing a strong role model. Mothers are advocates, cheerleaders, emotional support, and disciplinarians.

They guide the formation of a person to maximize their potential, contribute to our world, and lead happy lives. As I grew up, I defined motherhood by my amazing mother, who had four children. My definition evolved when I had my own children. Although the times we live in changes, the role itself has a uniquely unchangeable core that is simply about the bond between mother and child.Spring2019Cover

Mothers do not come in one shape or size, but we know them, love them, and celebrate the amazing responsibility and privilege that is motherhood. For this issue of SEARCH Magazine, we asked readers for stories of their remarkable mothers. The idealized version of a mom reflects the nurturing she provides to others. What makes this even more amazing is that each mother is her own person, with interests and cares, who has taken on responsibility for another life. Mothers are all unique.

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Heather Roulo / Operations Director






SEARCH: Search 2019 Issue

Spring2019CoverEnjoy SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2019 issue. In this issue we have more than a dozen great articles:

Travel – The Wonders of Kyoto

DIY – Thumbprint Charms

Attractions – Café with Soul

Tech – Making Life Easier for Mom

Author Spotlight – Sumiko Saulson

Music – Famous Mom with Singing Daughters

City Spotlight – Gettysburg

Feature Article – Amazing Mother’s

Food – All-in-One Breakfast

Fitness – Busy Mom Stay Fit Too

Autism – Happy Milestones

Humor – Traveling with my Mom

Books – Famous Mom/Child Literary

Health – Hearing

Comic – Motherhood

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SEARCH: The Shower

The Shower
by Mogger

I’m a shower man. I take a bath now and then, but by and large I take showers. Weekend showers are my little treat. Normally I have a quick splash around then out, dressed and off to work, but weekends, ah weekends. I laze about and slowly work the temperature up so it’s hot–really hot, and I’m in lather up to my eyeballs and just stand there sizzling. It’s like being in Heaven.


Perhaps before I go any further I ought to explain how our shower works, because it may be a bit different in England to yours in the US. Ours is an electric shower, just an over-the-bath job, you step in, draw the curtain, and away you go. It works on the amount of water flowing through the head and a restrictor valve controls the heat. The slower the water flow, the hotter it gets. Still with me?

So back to the story. This morning I was just lazing in there, at peace with the world. The water was just about as hot as I could stand, and the bathroom full of steam. My darling wife shouted through the door to hurry up as she wanted to shower, too, and that she was going to put in some washing. She constantly tries to improve efficiency in our house. She put in the washing, switched on the machine and spent the next few minutes puttering around the kitchen. Continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH magazine.

SEARCH: Keeping Connected

Keeping Connected

by Dianna Kersey

Once upon a time, I was a military wife with a child at home. My husband was away in the navy.

Not being able to communicate when I wanted/needed or not knowing what was happening to him, while he was at basic training and deployed overseas were some of the most difficult times in my life. To get a letter in the mail was what I lived for. I have fond memories of sharing a journal— now a cherished keepsake—we mailed back and forth between us when we were younger.

Nowadays communication has changed drastically with technology. With the onset of the Internet, we have more ways to communicate than ever conceived a mere twenty-five years ago. In today’s world, that kind of communication is archaic when generations have grown up with computers, video cameras, the Internet, smart phones, social media, blogs, and virtual augmented reality. Years ago, the military really didn’t care much about the home life of a soldier, either.… Continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH magazine.

SEARCH: Qualified to Serve

Qualified to Serve
by Lillian Csernica

AutismMy grandfather, uncles, and father served in the U.S. Navy. I asked my son John if he wanted to join the military. Although, he doesn’t like guns or barracks life, he does believe people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder shouldn’t categorically be denied the opportunity.

However, if he had been interested, he would not have qualified. Any diagnosis of ASD disqualifies you for appointment, enlistment, or induction into the United States Armed Forces. Like most neurotypical people, the military mistakenly believe people with ASD all have identical symptoms. provides these specifics:


  • Permanent motor or sensory deficits.
  • Care by a physician or other mental health professional for more than 6 months.
  • Symptoms or behavior of a repeated nature that impaired social, school, or work efficiency.
  • Specific academic skills defects, chronic history of academic skills or perceptual defects, secondary to organic or functional mental disorders that interfere with work or school after age 12.
  • Current use of medication to improve or maintain academic skills.

When it comes to determining fitness for service in the armed forces, the data available now shows .… Continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH magazine.

SEARCH: Turkey with Gravy

Turkey with Gravy
by Brian and Patricia Dake

FOODEveryone loves a traditional meal, and holiday food is comfort food. Nothing says American traditional holiday dinner like turkey, but turkey doesn’t have to be relegated to just special occasions.

We often purchase an extra turkey when they are on sale during the holiday season to store in the freezer until early the next year. The following recipe works well for holidays but is also easy enough for anytime you crave those comfortable, familiar traditional flavors to share with family or friends. Serve with mashed potatoes and gravy, and if desired add any other side dish of your choosing to round the perfect meal.

The following recipe for turkey and gravy has become our family tradition. For years we’ve successfully used this recipe to produce delicious juicy turkey for holiday dinners.

There are several creole type seasonings available on the market. Our favorite is … continue reading the Winter 2018 issue.