SEARCH: Reader’s Choice for Pets

Reader’s Choice
by Emerian Rich



“My cat loves Temptations Cat Treats. Although she will eat other treats if there are none, she really gets happy when I open Temptations. They have lots of good nutrition for her and no artificial flavors. The outside is crispy, but what I think she likes best is the soft center. The outside crunch helps cut down on tartar build up on her teeth, but the inside is all yum. Temptations has several flavors including an anti-hairball variety and an extra calcium type, but my girl likes the chicken flavor best.  They are re-sealable so they will stay fresh, and I can measure how much she gets at one time.” ~K. Wade, South San Francisco

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

“I love the kitty collector game, Neko Atsume. It’s a Japanese game where the only object of the game is to get all 50+ cats to come and visit your yard. They have these cute rare cats that will be dressed up and do things. For example Mr. Meowgi is dressed like a samurai, and if you put out a certain cushion, he comes to meditate on it. You start out by putting out free food that is given to you to attract the cats. When they are done visiting, they leave fish. You can then trade the fish to buy better…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: The Sounds of the City

The Sounds of the City
by Elliot Thorpe


Our iconic city has been the backdrop to a whole host of movies almost since the motion picture industry began. The talent of a cinematographer (the one who sets the filming up on the instruction of the director) can even make the backdrop a character in its own right, becoming more than just stunning scenery.

What of that other unsung member of the cast? Every film has it and most of us don’t even register its presence. Yet take it away and the film becomes somewhat lifeless and flat, no matter how beautifully shot the aforementioned backdrop is. It’s the specially-recorded film score.

Movies showcasing San Francisco have been scored by a whole host of uniquely talented composers. We’re going to take a look at a handful.

Let’s start with, naturally, San Francisco, a film
from 1936 starring Clark Gable. The main theme ‘San Francisco’ (sung in the film by Jeanette MacDonald) is a love-song to the city. Of course, drama and intrigue are equally at home. Dirty Harry takes us straight into the action and the grime of the criminal sect…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: The Importance of Exercise

The Importance of Exercise
by David Watson


Do you want to be happier, reduce stress, and lead a healthier lifestyle? It’s easier to accomplish than you think. All you have to do is exercise. You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t have the time for it or maybe you think it’s too hard to stick to a routine.

Change never comes easy, but once you find out how physical activity can improve your life and how much fun it can be, you will be glad you did it. Twenty minutes of exercise a day can change your life.

Why is it important?
The human body is meant to be active. If we sit for too long, we have problems with obesity, high blood pressure, stiff joints, depression, and anxiety. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins that elevate your mood and reduce stress. Exercise is an all-natural anti-depressant, and it costs you nothing.

I started to exercise regularly when I was in my early thirties. I got to a point where I was heavier than I had ever been, and I didn’t like how slow I was moving. I started to…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Japantown

by Emerian Rich


Away from the main shopping district, BART train, and Muni system, Japantown is often an overlooked part of San Francisco some people don’t even know is there.

Tucked away behind non-descript buildings, the only clue to its presence from the main Geary Street thoroughfare is the Peace Pagoda piercing up through the cityscape in Peace Plaza.

Japantown (also known as Nihonmachi) was part of the Western Addition built after the 1906 Earthquake. In the 1968, the Peace Pagoda was installed, a five-tiered concrete stupa given as a gift from sister city Osaka, Japan. Although Peace Pagoda may be the only recognizable landmark you can see from the street, Japantown actually covers six square city blocks.

Japantown celebrates two major festivals…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Animal Rescue & Foster Care

Animal Rescue & Foster Care
by Sumiko Saulson


Most of us are familiar with  the large animal rescue organization, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or ASPCA. The ASPCA provides shelter for pets so they can have a second chance.

Willette Williams tells us of her experience with the ASPCA. “When my daughter and I went to the East Bay ASPCA, we thought we were there to maybe choose and adopt a pet. We didn’t realize that instead our dog, Darling, would choose us as her forever family instead.

“The cage appeared to be empty except for a cot with a blanket. I read the mini pet bio out loud, and this little head peeked from under the cot to look at me. I got down on my knees and said hello. The head disappeared.

“I told the staff member I would like to meet Darling. He said. ‘Ok but be aware she doesn’t trust people. She was severely abused.’ He got a leash to put on her and lead her out to me. Instead, as soon as the gate opened, she darted out and ran straight into my arms, tail wagging and full of kisses. So yeah, Darling chose me.”

Not everyone is familiar with smaller rescue organizations, but…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: City Spotlight Orinda, California

Orinda, California
by Laurel Anne Hill


Picture a semi-rural community. Narrow roads wind their way around wooded, home-studded hillsides. Oaks and conifers provide habitats for clever raccoons, acrobatic squirrels, and many species of birds—including wild turkeys. Deer munch on gardeners’ favorite plantings while daytime visits from curious fawns remain a thrill. Welcome to Orinda, California, likely named by a nineteenth-century sheriff’s wife after the seventeenth-century English poetess, Katherine Fowler Philips, also known as “The Matchless Orinda.”

Orinda was established as a town in the 1920’s by Edward Ignacio de Laveaga and was incorporated as a city in 1985. Close to nineteen thousand people now live there, many families drawn by the excellent schools. Orinda does not rate high on the diversity scale, yet in 2012, Forbes magazine listed the place—with an area of nearly thirteen square miles—as one of America’s friendliest towns. Specifically noted was the annual Fourth of July Parade with its all-volunteer marching band….continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: The Ghost Ship Fire

The Ghost Ship Fire
by Sumiko Saulson


ghostshipFriday, December 2, 2016 marked the tragic loss of 36 lives in a fire at the Ghost Ship, a warehouse near the famous Jingletown art district in Oakland’s Fruitvale community.

Ghost Ship was a live/work art and event space and, like many such spaces here in East Bay, home to an eclectic group of creative people. Many of the people who lived there were integral parts of the Bay Area’s underground art scene. They included both members of the synthpop act Introflirt, Nicole Renae Siegrist and Ben Runnels, DJ and beatboxer Billy Dixon, and Ara Jo, a key member of the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest’s organization team.

The SF Zine Fest made this official statement regarding her passing. “Ara’s work in the zine community asked us to hear the least heard voices and to value the least valued lives—in other words, asked us to remember the society that zine culture says is possible.”

James Leon, a DJ and underground horror filmmaker, once spent nine months as a resident artist and event organizer at Ghost Ship. During that period of time, he produced a musical event called Fabrik Haus at the ill-fated venue.

“The artwork within was amazing,” said Leon. “They were actively involved with making a positive difference within the community. They had all …continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: What Does Your Best Friend Need to Stay Healthy?

What Does Your Best Friend Need to Stay Healthy?
by Emerian Rich

Dog pleasant surprise flower

It’s springtime, and with it comes more outdoor activities. This is a great time to take the dog out for a Frisbee game in the park or let your cats out on the patio for some sun.

As temperatures increase, you may wonder what you can do for your pets to help them stay happy, healthy, and safe from disease. I had the immense pleasure to interview Dr. Teresa Spencer, veterinarian and pet lover.

Dr. Spencer knew she wanted to be a veterinarian at the tender age of five.

“I’d been diagnosed with severe allergies to the point of anaphylaxis and passing out,” Dr. Spencer says. “And the specialist advised getting rid of all our pets. I announced I was going to be a vet. The allergists condescendingly suggested I should rethink my life plans. I challenged him to prove it was animals I was allergic to and said, ‘If I end up allergic to animals, I will become a snake doctor, because they don’t have fur.’ I sound like a real pistol, don’t I?”

In the end, they discovered Teresa was allergic to every plant known to mankind, but not animals. Thank goodness she wasn’t. She’s gone on to help thousands of animals with her gift. As a pet lover, Dr. Spencer has two horses, two dogs, three indoor cats, and three ‘porch’ cats, which are feral cats she trapped, neutered, vaccinated, released, and now think they belong to her. In her practice, she generally cares for horses, dogs, and cats, but she’s had…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH Spring 2017, Editor Letter

From the Editor-in-Chief,

editorltrThis month we’re going to be talking about our favorite fur balls and best friends, our pets.

I remember the day I set my eyes on my dog, Sasha, surrounded by other cute and cuddly German Shepherds. When I saw her, my eyes lit up with excitement. I knew she was my dog.

She laid her head on my leg as we drove home. I promised her I would always protect her, not knowing one day she would protect me. She’s not only a protector for me, but for our neighborhood. She once alerted us about a group of kids who were lighting a fire. Her vigilance saved our house and other houses around us from burning down.

She has so much energy. She runs around and fetches ropes for hours. She loves swimming and attending pool parties with friends and family. When the weather gets up to 80-90 degrees, you will find her in the pool or around the poolside relaxing. She also likes camping, were she runs freely and enjoys fetching sticks from the lake. When we’re shopping at Petco, we never leave without a big dog bone. She loves them.

I’m so happy to say, that I’m a proud owner of a fantastic dog name Sasha.

There is a special connection between pet and owner and this issue we will be talking about your experiences with pets and what you can do to help your best friend stay happy and healthy. Enjoy the Spring issue by clicking here.




SEARCH Magazine Spring 2017 Issue

spring17finalPET HEALTH

with Dr. Teresa Spencer. It’s springtime, and with it comes more outdoor activities. This is a great time to take the dog out for a Frisbee game in the park or let your cats out on the patio for some sun.

City Spotlight

Orinda, California, one of America’s friendliest towns.

Animal Rescue & Foster Care

Shelters around the Bay need your help.

The Importance of Exercise

Do you want to be happier, reduce stress, and lead a healthier lifestyle?

The Sounds of the City

Our iconic city has been the backdrop to a whole host of movies.

Fur-tastic Vacations

What are the best places when travelling with you pet?

De-cabling VS. Cable

In the duel between de-cabling versus traditional cable companies, who wins?

Interview with Kimbe Abernathy

She’s turned her natural gifts into an influential brand.

5 Fantastic Dog Books

Indeed, dogs and books go together like chew toys and tennis balls.

Spring Fresh Pea Soup

Learn how to make the best pea soup you’ve ever tasted.

Build a Catio

To keep cats safely outdoors, build a catio or catbitat.

The Ghost Ship Fire

A tragic loss in Oakland’s art community.

Take Care of You

Do not feel guilty for taking care of yourself.

Just One of the Litter

A humorous look at pet ownership. Do you own them or do they own you?

Bay Area Attration

Japantown is often an over-looked part of San Francisco some people don’t even know is there.

And more…click to read now!