SEARCH: Superhero Issue Editor Letter

Superheroes are the best! I mean, that’s the definition, right? We love to see them fly, fight crime, and generally save the world. Movies and comics abound with their exploits, but the label “superhero” is also thrown around to acknowledge the work of essential workers, doctors, single mothers, and more. Superheroes are the ones setting … Continue reading SEARCH: Superhero Issue Editor Letter

SEARCH: I’m Prepared for Anything… Almost

I’m Prepared for Anything…Almost by Tim Reynolds When I was a teacher, my classroom was on the second floor of a solid, old limestone school facing west. The two of us, whose classrooms had the best views, were responsible for watching for funnel clouds where the tornadoes came from. If we sounded out the tornado … Continue reading SEARCH: I’m Prepared for Anything… Almost