SEARCH: Frustration Station

Frustration Station
by Lillian Csnernica

cal.jpgWhen Winter break is over and school is back in session, the temporary ceasefire is over. We’re back in the trenches for the Homework War.

I love my sons. My boys, John and Michael, are the two most important people on the entire planet. There are many joyful moments with my boys, but there is also a really staggering amount of frustration.

John has come so far from the days when we had to have a behavioral specialist and a one to one aide come to our home and “play” kindergarten with him until he got the hang of his first icon-based schedule. John’s a sophomore in high school now. Even with…continue reading in the Winter 2017 magazine.


SEARCH: Stay Cozy Inside with Tech

Stay Cozy Inside with Tech

by Heather Roulo

When winter arrives, it’s nice to curl up on the couch and stay cozy by the fire. Technology is here to help you find excuses to remain indoors. Check out what’s happening in home automation, entertainment, and at-home dining.

echoappHome Automation

If you spend the holidays traveling, it’s nice to have the powerful ability to change which lights are on in the house, monitor it remotely with motion sensors, or even watch a video link of your driveway with network enabled cameras.

Setup is still a bit tricky, and you may have to use a combination of systems to get just what you’re looking for. Hue light bulbs, SmartThings outlets, and Ring doorbells offer options to put you in control.

While you could check your SmartHome app on your phone, adding a central hub, like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, allows you to verbally…continue reading in the Winter 2017 magazine.

SEARCH: Ella Fitzgerald, 100 Years

Ella Fitzgerald, 100 Years

by Elliot Thorpe

ella2Jazz is a music form that has, arguably, untold variations. Its back catalogue of artistes and hits is as endless as a hot summer’s day and as equally as evocative.

Once such artist was born a century ago, on April 25, 1917. From humble beginnings to an astonishingly talent-drenched career, Ella Jane Fitzgerald was determined to make the best of what she had, against challenging odds.

Her father disappeared when she was a baby. Her mother, Tempie, and stepfather, Joe, did all they could for Ella and her sister, Frances, until tragedy struck. Tempie died from injuries sustained in a car accident. Joe died some time later of a heart attack. After a few run-ins with the police, young Ella was sent to a reformatory, enduring endless beatings by the staff. Escape was the only option and proved to be the founding drive in her life forever after. She entered an amateur talent show in….continue reading in the Winter 2017 magazine.


SEARCH: Dear Search Winter 2017


What is your favorite cozy winter activity?

Cozy-Activity-Poll“We went to Indian Springs spa in Calistoga over Christmas two years ago. It was perfect.” Loren, San Francisco

“There’s a little village of rental cabins called St. Orres on Highway 1, North of San Francisco. There’s no telephone, internet, or cell phone service. Nice restaurant, too. Luxurious and primitive at the same time.” James, Sunnyvale

“We had a wonderful time at Sorensen’s Resort, near Lake Tahoe.” Marsha, San Francisco

“I like to get away at least once a winter. Vegas flights aren’t that expensive if you book at the right time.” Tammy, Pinole

Check out more of our Winter 2017 issue.

SEARCH: Tri-Tip Recipe

Braised Tri-Tip with Sherry-Mushroom Gravy
by Brian and Patricia Dake


Winter is a time for cozy meals and comfort food, a time to let the oven heat up the house while cooking a fabulous dish perfect for sharing with those we love. A tri-tip beef roast fits the criteria. Add in some sherry-mushroom gravy, and you have an ideal entrée for cold weather and stormy nights. We’ve spent years enjoying and refining this recipe, and it has become a much-requested favorite among our friends and family.

For side dishes to complement the main course, we recommend baked potatoes cooked until soft, then served with butter and sour cream. The addition of a green vegetable also makes for a pretty presentation, but since it is a time for enjoying cozy comforts, I would encourage you to choose your favorite vegetable regardless of color. Everything from old-style green beans to whole kernel corn, steamed broccoli to sweet cooked carrots will pair well with this dish. Combine with warm bread rolls to round out the meal…continue reading the Winter issue of SEARCH Magazine.


Books: Five Books to Achieve Cozy

Five Books to Achieve Cozy
by Michele Roger

littleparisWinter requires a bit of self-care. Reaching the state of “cozy” is a complex process as the temperature drops. Here are five books to inspire that wonderful state of winter bliss in all of its forms.


1. The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George
If you love to read, the thought of a “book doctor” may have danced across your wish list at some point. In The Little Paris Book Shop, instead of therapy, the broken hearted of Paris flock to Monsieur Perdu and his floating barge of literary apothecaries. On the barge, he will “prescribe” a book to cure your sadness, heal your heart and help you to venture out into the realm of love once more. The big question is, can Monsieur Perdu mend his own heartbreak?

Maybe so.

“Monsieur Perdu sensed eyes brushing over him from under mascaraed lashes. If he caught, held, and returned a woman’s gaze, he would already be entangled in the ‘cabeceo’, the silent exchange of glances that was the currency of every tango negotiation, an “invitation with the eyes.”….continue reading the Winter 2017 issue of SEARCH Magazine.