SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Michele Roger

Name: Michele Roger

Location: Michigan

What do you write?: I’m a Horror and Paranormal Romance writer. My writing works include The Conservatory, Eternal Kingdom: A Vampire Novel, Agent For the Orchestra, Her Immortal Beloved, The Telephone Booth, and most recently, Terror Under the Lupin Moon (available on Kindle Vella).

You’ve written for every issue of SEARCH Magazine since the beginning, which we really appreciate. What else do you do?: When I’m not writing stories or the music column for SEARCH Magazine, I’m writing music…or playing it.

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Elliot Thorpe

Name: Elliot Thorpe

Location: Southend-On-Sea, Essex, UK

Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m a father of two. I have a son in University and the other in the early years of her schooling. I own my own company that specializes in documenting people’s life stories and experiences. I also oversee The Dean Martin Association, an organization that was set up in 1960 by Dino himself and my late father Bernard H. Thorpe.

You’ve been with SEARCH Magazine practically since the beginning and written 26 articles for us! How does it feel to write for SEARCH?
It’s amazing to think that I’ve written so many articles for SEARCH and…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Sumiko Saulson

Sumiko Saulson

Name: Sumiko Saulson
Location: Oakland is my home, and the city that has most nurtured me as an African American author, giving me the safety I needed to explore my own blackness and truly grow into the writer I was meant to be.

Tell us about yourself: I am biracial, Black and Ashkenazi Jewish. I was born in Los Angeles, where I lived until I was twelve. I spent my adolescence in Hawaii, where I first discovered…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Vivianne Winter

Author Spotlight on Vivianne Winter

Name: Vivianne Winter

Location: Portland, OR

Tell us about yourself: I’m mom to a new, 4-month-old kitten and an autistic son who is in college. I know I put the cat first, but that’s because he’s new.

What’s your experience and advice as an entrepreneur? I had an eBay store, buying wholesale and reselling. I was doing well, but it’s more complicated and less profitable now that certain policies have changed. To be successful you must be organized, like knowing where your stock is, and ready to give details about the product. This might include independent research so you’re informed.

What kind of articles do you like?
I like articles about people overcoming struggles, and I’m always interested in home and makeup tips. I’m also an animal lover, and wrote an article about Portland’s famous friendly sea otter…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Oksanna Normandeau

Author Spotlight on Oksanna Normandeau

OnormandeauLocation: Spanaway, Washington

Tell us about yourself: Poetry was first introduced to me in my childhood years with Shel Silverstein’s, Where the Sidewalk Ends. It continued on into my adulthood as I read through the semesters in college. It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I went through one of my most influential transitions of my life where I turned to it for my own therapeutic means. I haven’t stopped writing since.

What do you find inspiring about writing poetry? The possibilities with each creation are boundless. If you think about all of the ways one can form a writ ten piece—free verse, spoken word, haiku, etc—it is mind blowing what we can come up with…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Kristin Battestella

Author Spotlight on Kristin Battestella

Name: Kristin Battestella

Location: South Jersey

Tell us about yourself: I say I’m a writer first and foremost, however after a difficult battle with Lyme Disease several years ago, I’ve focused more on non-fiction writing and mixed media platforms like podcasts and videos rather than writing genre fiction.

How has the last year dealing with COVID been for you? I stocked up on everything in advance, beginning December 2019 actually, as there were already rumblings of unease at the time. At some point I had…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Lillian Csernica

Author Spotlight on Lillian Csernica

Name: Lillian Csernica
Location: Santa Cruz, California

How has the last year dealing with COVID been for you?

On the one hand, it’s been business as usual because my older boy is medically fragile. We’re used to operating at a level just below hospital standards for an isolation room. On the other hand, I’m going a little crazy because I’m used to having a certain amount of alone time each day. Keeping both of my sons busy and entertained is a lot of work. It’s difficult to have enough energy left over for writing.

SEARCH Magazine is a little unusual, in that we always run a column on autism to raise awareness. How did you come to write about autism for SEARCH Magazine?

Through the wonderful and talented Emerian Rich (SEARCH Magazine’s original Editorial Director)…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Emerian Rich

Author Spotlight on Emerian Rich

Name: Emerian Rich
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Give us a sense of what you do; what are some of
your creative endeavors?
I am a writer, artist, and voice actress. I love writing fiction most of all, but I’ve recently been involved in the creation of a Spooky Writer’s Planner. I’ve also created a coloring book and am working on an ABC book for spooky kids!

If you’re creative in your work life, how does that influence being creative at home or on hobbies? I don’t think creativity (or at least mine) can be contained. I love crocheting, doing diamond paintings, and most recently working with resin crafts. I rarely do the same thing again, so whatever the next craft craze is, I’m up for trying it. What inspires you? So much! My imagination is always cranking out new ideas. It could be the way the light of a lamp reflects off the wall, the shape of the clouds on a morning walk, or a snippet of conversation I hear in line. When I’m studying a certain topic, I will watch movies and videos about the subject to near exhaustion!

What are you working on right now? An anthology of Gothic Romance stories coming out in May and a rewrite of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, also due out this year…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight, Brian and Patricia Dake

Author Spotlight, Brian and Patricia Dake.

Name: Brian & Patricia Dake

Location: Napa Valley, California

You are both listed on the articles. Are you a team? How does that work?
Patricia and I write these recipe articles as a team. I usually have 5 to 10 recipes in development and pitch to Search Magazine based on their require-ments. Issue theme and the time of year influence our recipe choice.

I do the kitchen testing and rough draft of the reci-pe. Patricia does taste testing and offers feedback.

I often collect fun facts about the recipes, equip-ment and/or ingredients. Patricia writes the intro-duction and copyedits the recipe. Four times a year, we transform our home kitchen into a photo studio… To read more, click on the Winter Issue here.

SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Camellia Rains

Name: Camellia Rains

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

How are you involved in Search Magazine? I started off as an author for the magazine a few years ago. I still contribute articles but I am also the packaging manager for the magazine. I’m the one that sends you your physical copy of the periodical. I’m happy to be involved with Search Magazine on multiple levels.

What else do you write? I mainly write emails and texts, lol. Seriously, aside from articles and journal entries, I write occasional horror book reviews. Tell us about yourself. I am a lifetime bay area native. I attended San Francisco State University and got my B.A. in Philosophy and Religion. I love… Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Fall 2020 issue.