SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Emerian Rich

Author Spotlight on Emerian Rich

Name: Emerian Rich
Location: San Francisco Bay Area, California

Give us a sense of what you do; what are some of
your creative endeavors?
I am a writer, artist, and voice actress. I love writing fiction most of all, but I’ve recently been involved in the creation of a Spooky Writer’s Planner. I’ve also created a coloring book and am working on an ABC book for spooky kids!

If you’re creative in your work life, how does that influence being creative at home or on hobbies? I don’t think creativity (or at least mine) can be contained. I love crocheting, doing diamond paintings, and most recently working with resin crafts. I rarely do the same thing again, so whatever the next craft craze is, I’m up for trying it. What inspires you? So much! My imagination is always cranking out new ideas. It could be the way the light of a lamp reflects off the wall, the shape of the clouds on a morning walk, or a snippet of conversation I hear in line. When I’m studying a certain topic, I will watch movies and videos about the subject to near exhaustion!

What are you working on right now? An anthology of Gothic Romance stories coming out in May and a rewrite of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, also due out this year…

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SEARCH: Mod Podge

Mod Podge by Emerian Rich

Wood cube blocks say DIY.

My fascination with Mod Podge started years ago when I found out there was this magic glue that allowed you to paste pictures or paper to relatively any flat, hard surface. I was always a bit intimidated with refurbishing furniture, but when a friend of mine was leaving town and wanted to throw out this weather-damaged café set, I took my chance. I would save this poor trio if my life depended on it.

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SEARCH: Not So Dumb Supper

Not So Dumb Supper

by Emerian Rich

When people hear the term Dumb Supper they laugh, but it’s been a part
of my family fall tradition for many years. The term Dumb Supper doesn’t refer to a stupid meal, but rather an evening meal in which you honor those who have passed on.

In some cultures, it’s used to the call spirits of the dead to eat with you, but since my family has members of different faiths—those who believe in spirits and those who think it’s a load of malarkey—we use it as a way to remember those who have died in our family.

Elitists would say there is a certain way to hold a Dumb Supper. Some believe it must be conducted entirely in silence, involve a detailed ceremony, or the table must be set with only black decor… Continue reading in SEARCH Magazine’s Fall 2020 issue.

SEARCH: Old Sacramento, CA

Old Sacramento, CA

by Emerian Rich


Old Sacramento, a historic district in the middle of our states capital, dates back to 1858 goldrush days. The waterfront lining the Sacramento River was the last stop on the Pony Express route which brought prospectors and entrepreneurs alike from the East.

The historic district homes fifty-three historic buildings, some registered as California Landmarks. The Lady Adams Building, erected from materials brought around Cape Horn in the Ship Lady Adams, was built as a wholesale and import house by German immigrants. As the only building to survive the 1852 fire, it’s homed various storefronts and now houses Evangeline’s Costume Mansion, a three-store costume and novelty shop catering to imagination 365 days a year… Continue reading in the Spring 2020 issue.

SEARCH: Happy Milestones

Happy Milestones: an interview with Emerian Rich

by Michele Roger

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. I often hear parents wonder aloud if they should have their children tested. What was your experience when your son was diagnosed with autism?
We had our son tested because he wasn’t talking. We didn’t know what the reason was. When he was six months old, he said “Momma” and then never spoke again. When he hit one year old, we thought we better have him checked out. He was diagnosed with just a “delay”. They couldn’t give a full Autism diagnosis until he was five. At the time, we wondered if he was just behind because he was super premature. As a result, it was a lot of years waiting to see what was wrong. However, I am glad he got tested at one. He was immediately enrolled in speech delay programs and with therapists who taught him sign language first and then got him speaking. If we had waited, there’s no telling how long it would have taken him to talk.

2. What is a typical morning (or evening, whichever you prefer) like at home together?
Autism can mean so many different things to different families. My son is fairly high-functioning and is very independent. He has his own schedule, which sometimes drives us up the wall, but it’s very important to him. In the evening, he has dinner at a certain time, brushes his teeth, takes a shower, game time, and then bed on a strict regime. If he has to miss it or things are later/earlier, he gets very upset. In public and school, you could think … Read more in the Spring 2019 issue.

SEARCH: Turn Your War Letters into a Book

Turn Your War Letters into a Book
by Emerian Rich

DIYLettersEmzWhen my husband and I first moved in together, I knew nothing about military life. I didn’t have any close relatives in the service, and being a peace loving gal, I wasn’t into war or the history of it.

I was, however, interested in hand-written history such as journals and letters. When I found stacks of yellowed letters in one of his boxes, I was instantly intrigued. His grandfather had written the letters to my husband’s grandmother during the three years he had been in World War II. I asked if I could read them and was instantly transported into a piece of history I had never experienced before.

Luckily, their relationship had started before the US entered the war, so I got to see the war erupt from their point of view. Unfortunately, he died in France in 1944, never meeting his daughter or my husband, his grandson. Through Henry’s letters, however, we are able to know him. He shared his hopes for the future, worries about the war, and intimate details about army life that only one in the trenches could convey properly.

In this article, I will tell you how to collect, transcribe, and format your letters for publication.…  Continue reading the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: The Presidio, San Francisco


The Presidio, San Francisco

by Emerian Rich

PresidioThe Presidio is a beautiful stretch of land filled with gorgeous wooded parks, fabulous ocean views, 17th century buildings, and a vibrant history. The 1,500 acre park, a past military post transformed into an outdoor recreational hub,retains its important historical charm. With 25 miles of bikeways and trails, 323 bird species, 330 native plant species, and 30 butterfly species, the Presidio is a nature-lovers’ dream.

The first thing you’ll find yourself doing here is snapping photos. I dare you to visit without immediately pulling out your phone or digital camera and snapping away.

Standing on the Main Post grass, looking out at the ocean, it’s hard to believe such a placid place was once the site of military readiness. To think military men resided there, right on the ocean, and looked out at the same sea as me, blows my mind. Did their eyes meet the sea and awe at its beauty? Or were they fearful of the enemy who might attack and paranoid about how open and vulnerable they were? Even still, when told they were being sent overseas, did they imagine what that other coast might be like where they would meet the enemy face-to-face? What would they be asked to do to protect their country? Continue reading in the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH magazine.