SEARCH: Turkey with Gravy

Turkey with Gravy
by Brian and Patricia Dake

FOODEveryone loves a traditional meal, and holiday food is comfort food. Nothing says American traditional holiday dinner like turkey, but turkey doesn’t have to be relegated to just special occasions.

We often purchase an extra turkey when they are on sale during the holiday season to store in the freezer until early the next year. The following recipe works well for holidays but is also easy enough for anytime you crave those comfortable, familiar traditional flavors to share with family or friends. Serve with mashed potatoes and gravy, and if desired add any other side dish of your choosing to round the perfect meal.

The following recipe for turkey and gravy has become our family tradition. For years we’ve successfully used this recipe to produce delicious juicy turkey for holiday dinners.

There are several creole type seasonings available on the market. Our favorite is … continue reading the Winter 2018 issue.


SEARCH: Author Spotlight Elliot Thorpe

Elliot Thorpe



Location: Essex, UK

What’s an article you’ve written for SEARCH that you enjoyed? Summer 2016’s Music Snapshot in Time: San Francisco 1959. It allowed me to be creative in emulating an era of music that I really adore and to (hopefully) describe—as best I could—San Francisco of the past. Even reading it back now makes me long for warm evenings and cool jazz vibes, but then I am sitting in my apartment watching the torrential, freezing April rain pour out across where the River Thames meets the North Sea.

What was your favorite thing to do as a child? Rappel my GI Joes on pieces of string out of my first floor bedroom window. The toy line was called Action Man in the UK.

Do you have a hot tip for us? Amazon! I’m a big collector of movie scores and unfortunately many of the larger music stores in London that used to sell imports closed down many years ago. Because movie scores are still something of a niche market, finding rare releases … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue of SEARCH.



SEARCH: Exercise Around the World

Exercise Around the World
by Donna Medina

Every country has a different workout tradition. India, for instance, is home to yoga.

While Indian fitness enthusiasts still do breathing exercises and stretching, they are also trying out new routines. Women are doing pregnancy exercises and Pilates.

In China, bodybuilding is popular among men and women. The country is the birthplace of Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art known for its health benefits and defense training. With bodybuilding’s major comeback in recent years, more men are competing in traditional competitions. The Chinese are also gaining interest in fitness bands, jumping jacks, and Zumba fitness.

In Australia, Aussies are engaging in workouts that combine both … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue.


SEARCH: Locked Out

Locked Out
by Larriane Barnard

keys2.jpgI’ve never been quite so embarrassed as when I asked my husband
to call roadside assistance. I stopped at a convenience store for a thirty-twoounce
soda. Caffeine fortification ensured, my next errand was a quick trip into the wholesale house for one item. For less to carry, I poked the keys into my pocket and tucked my purse under the seat. My wallet went into the oxygen tank bag I carry for my emphysema. As I crawled out, I flipped the auto-lock button. Once inside the store, I snagged an electric cart.

I was really trucking then, as fast as one can on those carts. When I got back to my car and reached in my pocket for my keys, no keys. I slapped every pocket. No keys. Tugged and pulled on the door. I even went to the other side of the car to tug and pull like I’d miraculously find the automatic lock hadn’t really locked all the doors. From there I could see the keys, lying on the driver’s seat … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue.

SEARCH: Living in the Light

Living in the Light
By Lillian Csernica

autismFifteen years ago my son was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Very little clinical information was available, much less biographical writing by families raising autistic children.

The best guide I found for what my daily life would become was a series of graphic novels written by a Japanese mangka named Keiko Tobe.

In With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child, Sachiko and Masako Azuma are overjoyed to welcome their baby boy, Hikaru. This joy is short-lived when Sachiko realizes Hikaru is not reaching the usual developmental milestones. Doctors diagnose Hikaru as autistic. Although, Japanese culture may be quite different from life in the United States, Sachiko’s love for Hikaru and her determination to do right by him creates a universal appeal. Sachiko sees how much is right in Hikaru and keeps working toward … Continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue.

SEARCH: What is your favorite Bay Area memory? Winning Entry

Winners of the SEARCH Magazine write-in contest.

winner 2

“The day the Golden Gate Bridge disappeared.”
By Patricia Watson

Some years ago, a friend from the East Coast came for a visit. Her bucket list included seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. We drove into San Francisco just as the afternoon fog rolled in. I took her to Ft. Point, hoping to show her the view from directly under the bridge where Alfred Hitchcock filmed scenes from Vertigo.

By the time we parked and entered the old fort, the fog was thick right to the ground. I tried to convince her we were directly under the bridge, but no go. She wouldn’t believe that the big pillars we were standing by led to a bridge overhead.

I brought her back to the same spot the next day in the sunshine and she was speechless.

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SEARCH: Queen Mary Ghosts

Queen Mary Ghosts
by Linda Whitaker

QM at nightCommissioned in 1936, the Queen Mary was a state-of-the-art luxury cruising vessel, one of the grandest ocean liners ever built.

During World War II, with resources being scarce, she was retrofitted as a troop ship, nicknamed the Grey Ghost, and began service to the allied forces. After her return to civilian life, in the late 1940’s, she again spent years in the luxury liner industry, but travel was a changing landscape, and more and more people took to the air. The Queen Mary was tired, weathered, and no longer in demand.

In 1967, finding a resting place in Long Beach, California, she’s become an iconic landmark that everyone should attempt to see. The history of this ship is fascinating. Walking up to the Queen Mary, one is immediately struck by the enormity … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue.

SEARCH: Travel Photography

Travel Photography



Photo by Tim Reynolds

Twenty-three years ago, when I first broke into what is known as the ‘paper goods market’ (postcards, calendars, books, etc.), I was living in a resort town and the sales of these products was huge.

I made tens of thousands of dollars selling images to publishers catering to that tourist market, including National Geographic and Condé Nast Traveler Magazine.

Making money from travel photos, now, is tough, but there are still online sources to sell your images to, including stock photo agencies, where most sales are made.

Since nearly everyone carries a digital camera in their phone, and those cameras are getting better and better, the potential for the average person to be in the right place at the right time has improved considerably. The biggest problem with phone cameras is that most are single lens cameras, which only zoom digitally and not optically (moving glass lens elements), so you either have to get close to your subject, or you need to be photographing a wide subject, like a landscape. Use digital zoom as little as possible…. continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue of SEARCH.


SEARCH: What is your favorite Bay Area memory?

Winners of the SEARCH Magazine write-in contest.

winner 1

“Waiting outside the Palace of Fine arts in 1979 to go in to the Tutankhamun Exhibit.”
By Jason Malcolm Stewart

My mother had only been able to get me and my brother a ticket. She was planning to wait outside while we went in. Someone over heard our problem and gave my mother a ticket, allowing us all to go in. The Tut exhibit was amazing and has stayed my one of my favorite childhood memories all these years.

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SEARCH: Ghosts Around the World

Ghosts Around the World
by Dianna Kersey


If you believe in ghosts, you’re not alone in this world. Over 39% of Brits and 45% of Americans believe in ghosts.

In researching for my book, Exsanguinate, I learned the world over has an obsession with the paranormal, especially ghosts. While many ghost stories are similar in nature, each culture has a different spin on them.

Many ghost stories are believed to stem from parents’ efforts to teach the rights and wrongs of life to children. Take for instance the tale called The Liver. A family gave money to a son to go to the store to purchase liver for dinner. The boy purchased candy instead and stole a liver from a drunk man. Later that night and for weeks to come, the boy was haunted by a voice constantly saying, “Give me back my liver, you thief!” If that won’t curtail a child’s bad habits, I don’t know what will … continue reading in the Fall 2018 issue of SEARCH.