SEARCH: Holiday Discomfort Foods

Holiday Discomfort Foods by Tim Reynolds.

Gather ye ’round and hear the tale of the Holiday Discomfort Foods. You ask what, pray tell, are discomfort foods? Well, they look much like the traditional holiday foods of a family with British and Scottish decent, but rather than comforting a soul over the holidays, they cause discomfort.

Let’s start with the very Canadian butter tarts. They’re wonderfully sweet, gooey, and chewy, but I like mine with…raisins. Yes, raisins, but there are people who are so discomfited by the mere idea of raisins in butter tarts that they get flustered and an-gry and refuse to be in the same room with me, which is fine because that leaves more tarts for me…

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SEARCH: Holiday Dessert, English Trifle

English Trifle by Emerian Rich.

We’ve traced our Rich family heritage all the way back to English royalty and beyond. The other side of the fam-ily got the castle, but we poor Americans have managed to keep the traditional family desert recipe going.

Supposedly handed down from those living at Warwick Castle—and cousins to King Richard the Lionhearted—this recipe has been passed through the early American days as Quakers, to the Colorado Rockies where my grandmother and grandfather finally settled, to our house in California. Although I am sure the recipe has changed over the years—each generation substituting what was easier or available—when we make this dish, we always feel closer to our roots.

If you read my article in the Fall 2020 issue about creating a “Dumb Supper” to honor your ancestors, you might be wondering what we serve to honor our ancestors. I’m happy to share the recipe…

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SEARCH: The Ultimate Holiday Playlist

The Ultimate Holiday Playlist by Michele Roger.

According to my chef daughter, Eliz-abeth, a playlist makes all the differ-ence as she motivates her kitchen to complete the day’s orders and rushes.

I’m just an average home cook, but music defi-nitely is a source of inspiration. When I’m not writ-ing, I’m a harpist.

From cookie platters to videos teaching me to braise to baking with my friends via Skype, the holi-days seem to have become “cooking season” for my family. After a summer of quarantine, I’ve learned that anything that can inspire a dance party in the kitch-en is worth nurturing. Here is my ultimate playlist.

“I am the Grinch” by Tyler, the Creator and Fletcher Jones.

Kicking off the list with lyrics about our favorite holiday character is a good place to start. No matter if you’re celebrating Christmas, Winter Solstice, or Hanukah, I guarantee “Twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-five days” is your new earworm…to read more, click on the Winter Issue here.

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Winter 2015
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  • 5 Books to Read this Holiday
  • Geek Out for the Holidays
  • A Seattle Progressive Dinner
  • Recipe: Forgotten Cookies
  • How NOT to Make Fruitcake
  • Dunsmuir-Hellman Historic Estate
  • 5 Holiday Tips for Parents with Autistic Kids
  • Fighting Holiday Stress One Bath at a Time
  • How to: Make Fuse-bead Snowflake Ornaments
  • City Spotlight: San Francisco
  • Bay Area attractions: Charles Dickens Christmas Fair
  • Lighter side: Santa, Seniors, and a Goat
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