SEARCH: Creation


by Oksanna Normandeau

I watch my baby
Take the paintbrush by storm.

She does not think
About where it goes.

She lets the motion
Of her energy flow,
Like she already knows
This is not for a performance
Or to romance another.

It is purely for the feeling
Of a blissful summer color mix
Or dancing to the beat
Of a drummer
As the music sways
Her hand to switch…

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SEARCH: Making a Gratitude Journal

Making a Gratitude Journal

by Lillian Csernica

Keeping a gratitude journal can become a powerful tool for promoting and protecting mental health. Now, more than ever, we need a simple, effective way to stay positive. A gratitude journal is both simple and effective.

According to Amie M. Gordon, Ph.D., “Using randomized controlled trial designs, researchers in two different groups found that people who kept gratitude journals or wrote gratitude letters to people they had never properly thanked, reported feeling happier and had significantly better health than those in the other treatment groups.”

The phrase “gratitude journal” might conjure up intimidating images of a tooled leather cover, gold-embossed lettering, fine parchment, and perfect calligraphy…

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SEARCH: Homemade Workouts

Homemade Workouts

by Heather Roulo

When the weather’s bad, the gym is closed, or the world is shut down for a pandemic, it’s nice to feel in control of your own health with an at-home workout. Obviously, purchasing the right equipment will simplify your task if you know what you like and have the space.

Weights and a bench are great. Ellipticals, rowing machines, and stationary bicycles help you get in
your cardio…

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SEARCH: City Spotlight on Seaside, OR

City Spotlight on Seaside, OR

by Heather Roulo

Seaside, Oregon is an hour west of Portland. This cute town boasts beachy shopping, sandy beaches, and all the saltwater taffy a person could want. Its 1.5 miles of oceanfront promenade, built in 1921, is particularly distinctive. There is also the Seaside Aquarium where you can feed seals. The town is divided by the Necanicum River.

On days with nice weather, tourists can rent kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats shaped like swans to
tour the waterways.

Seaside is proud of the historic visit by members of…

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SEARCH: Romano Chicken and Italian Zucchini

Romano Chicken and Italian Zucchini by Brian and Patricia Dake

For a unique blend of flavors in a meal I would consider comfort food, we’ve taken traditional Italian ingredients and combined them with a bit of habanero, a pepper originally from South America. Just a few dashes of habanero powder in the recipe impart tremendous flavor. And, although, habanero chili powder may be hard to find, it is worth the effort. For some, even a small amount can be too spicy. In this case, we recommend substituting cayenne pepper or a small amount of crushed red pepper flakes as a less hot alternative. If any level of spiciness is too much, the habanero can be left out which would be an unfortunate loss of subtle flavor, but for some may be a required trade-off.

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SEARCH: Party Decorations on a Budget

Party Decorations on a Budget

by Elliot Thorpe

One part of the many facets of parenthood I love is all the gluing and painting and (not so much) glittering. It eventually branched out into the customary school projects for my children—among which we had an ’award winning’ World Book Day costume, a scale model of one of the Giza pyramids (complete with sand and a tomb), and a tiny medieval castle (with a real water moat). Then along came those obligatory birthday parties.

With the saturation of kids’ shows and movies, it’s relatively easy for parents to think of a theme for such an event. It can be pretty basic. My daughter went to one last month that was “princesses and superheroes,” so there were any number of little Auroras and Moanas running around, colliding with mini-Hulks and Spider-Men, all vying for…

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SEARCH: DIY Crafter, Willz from Willz Crafts

DIY Crafter, Willz from Willz Crafts

by Emerian Rich

Willz of Willz Crafts

You might think retirement is a signal you’re out of the fast track, but increasingly retirees are finding ways to express themselves in ways that their life-long careers haven’t explored.

Such is the case with retiree, Willz, of Willz Crafts. After spending thirty-five years in the service of others as a minister and counselor, Willz needed a break, and she took one. She went on a couple of cruises and road trips, but she hated being retired. “Actually, at the time I was looking forward to it,” Willz said. “But about two-to-three months in, I was done. I’ve never been a person who can sit in my house doing nothing. I got all these cards at my retirement service about being in my rocking chair and enjoying the beach, but that’s not me. I need to stay busy. I believe if you slow down, you die.”

For someone used to working twelve-hour days, six-to-seven days a week, slowing down doesn’t exactly come easy, especially when COVID hit, traveling was no longer viable, and she found herself trapped in her home. A social butterfly at heart, she had to find a way to communicate with others and express her need to craft. “I just need something to do. Willz Crafts helps me explore my creativity…”

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SEARCH: Sewing on a Budget

Sewing on a Budget

by Kristin Battestella

For those looking to sustainably customize their wardrobe or add unique personality and alternative style compared to expensive, fast fashion, weighing the costs of supplies and the time it takes to actually sew may put one off this inventive hobby.

Fortunately, sewing can be an affordable option if you know how to pool your resources. Here are a few tips to get you started on your sewing journey!

  1. Freebies! Chances are, we all know a dear old granny or quirky great aunt who has a cookie tin full of notions and needles. There is no shame in asking for these sewing hand-me-downs! Raid grandma’s attic for old linens for simple sewing like pillows or learn the basics on a borrowed sewing machine. Remove buttons or zippers off clothes that are being thrown away to begin your own supply stash or practice mending your clothes. Let it be known you are repairing, saving, and looking to sew more and say yes to everything offered…

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SEARCH: The DIY Music Album

The DIY Music Album
by Michele Roger

A “live studio” mic for musicians to record live simultaneously

There is an art—or maybe it’s a science—to making playlists. Whichever genre comes from my heart, that’s from where this compilation derived.

My muse was the feeling I get with the windows rolled down, the summer breeze whipping through my hair, and the urge… No, the need to sing at the top of my lungs. Even at red lights.

I’m hitting the road this summer. After months and months of staying in, staying away, and staying in a routine, this playlist is about breaking away from that whole idea. This collection of songs is about freedom, joy, adventure, and anything else that moves youIt’s been a challenging few years. The good news is that from it, some incredible talent and creativity has emerged. If recording your own music has become part of your life list, or if it’s been a minute since you last recorded an album, there are a vast number of options. Here are three DIY ways to record your own music:

1. Garage Band
Garage Band has been around for years and is Apple’s answer to meeting the needs of the recording artist—no matter your professional or amateur status. The bonus of Garage Band is that it’s free and built into nearly every product Apple makes. If you haven’t worked with Garage Band in a while, there have been some vast improvements.
The perks: Garage Band can save directly to a user’s iCloud, making your work…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Elliot Thorpe

Name: Elliot Thorpe

Location: Southend-On-Sea, Essex, UK

Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m a father of two. I have a son in University and the other in the early years of her schooling. I own my own company that specializes in documenting people’s life stories and experiences. I also oversee The Dean Martin Association, an organization that was set up in 1960 by Dino himself and my late father Bernard H. Thorpe.

You’ve been with SEARCH Magazine practically since the beginning and written 26 articles for us! How does it feel to write for SEARCH?
It’s amazing to think that I’ve written so many articles for SEARCH and…

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