SEARCH: Using a Treadmill Desk

Using a Treadmill Desk by Kim Richards

Working on a treadmill desk sounds like a great way to get work and exercise done at the same time. However, there are things to consider. Safety first. A good 8-10 inches of clearance is needed on any side. Get measurements of the treadmill before purchasing. Tiled flooring is best, but you can use it on a carpet with a mat to protect from wear or heat from the treadmill. Outside isn’t a good idea. Weather adversely affects the performance and longevity.

Solid footing and good foot support prevents injuries. Get a good pair of shoes, nothing with a slick sole. No heels, sandals, bare feet, or in socks. Avoid wide pant legs or long skirts that might get caught up in the treadmill. Wear clothing, particularly pants, which allow for non-restrictive movement…

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SEARCH: Gifts for Deployed Troops

Gifts for Deployed Troops
by Kim Richards

trooplistBack in the early 2000’s, my son was deployed in Iraq. I struggled with what kind of Christmas gift to send him, until a veteran came up to my counter at work. While I worked on his printing, we talked. He suggested a pair of wool socks.

I took his idea to heart, though as a simple gift I worried it wasn’t enough. My son told me later how much he appreciated them because, even though he was in a desert climate, it did get cold at night.

I recently asked deployed and retired veterans what they enjoyed receiving for gifts. Just as with my son’s socks, they all mentioned simple everyday items. Jason says he was always the hard candy man, because he loved to share the hard candy he received. Chocolate melts into goo before it gets there, but the hard candy is nice when you want to keep your mouth moistened. Wes mentioned how unscented hand lotion was valuable in the drying heat. Sam liked getting paperbacks that were easy to stow and share around. He mentioned a one room library his group set up at one point with all the books sent to him and the others.  Continue reading the Winter 2018 issue of SEARCH Magazine.