SEARCH: Party Decorations on a Budget

Party Decorations on a Budget

by Elliot Thorpe

One part of the many facets of parenthood I love is all the gluing and painting and (not so much) glittering. It eventually branched out into the customary school projects for my children—among which we had an ’award winning’ World Book Day costume, a scale model of one of the Giza pyramids (complete with sand and a tomb), and a tiny medieval castle (with a real water moat). Then along came those obligatory birthday parties.

With the saturation of kids’ shows and movies, it’s relatively easy for parents to think of a theme for such an event. It can be pretty basic. My daughter went to one last month that was “princesses and superheroes,” so there were any number of little Auroras and Moanas running around, colliding with mini-Hulks and Spider-Men, all vying for…

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