SEARCH: Fitting in Fitness

Fitting in Fitness

by Heather Roulo

Aren’t we lucky when summer comes around? The opportunities to get fit increase exponentially to the length of a sunny day.

Rather than staying indoors, where the temptations of food and good books entice us, we can head out into a world bursting with ways to be active. Workouts like walking dogs, riding bikes, and swimming are easier in the summer. It’s also a great…

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SEARCH: Mindfulness and Gratitude

Mindfulness and Gratitude

by Lillian Csernica

In the movie Kung Fu Panda, Master Shifu, the world’s greatest kung fu teacher, refuses to believe when his own teacher, Master Oogway, declares Po—a cuddly giant panda—will become the legendary Dragon Warrior.

Master Shifu is a control freak. This attitude problem stems from a serious lack of inner peace. He made one big mistake twenty years ago and now he cannot get past it. Even though Master Shifu trained the Furious Five—heroes who protect ordinary people from bad guys—Master Shifu cannot forgive himself. His life is all about righting his big mistake. That prevents him from believing Master Oogway’s plan and finding inner peace.

Living in the moment is difficult for many people. All too often we’re dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. “Making memories” is a phrase I hear quite often in advertising. It strikes me as odd. Are we supposed to go on a trip to some resort and…

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SEARCH: Crispy Cod on Creamy Pasta Shells

Crispy Cod on Creamy Pasta Shells by Brian and Patricia Dake

Summer makes us crave breezy dishes with perhaps a hint of the sea and a touch of the outdoors combined with a bit of indulgence. Surely, that’s not too much to ask? Well, this creation combines all those elements to perfection.

Finding specific ingredients in recent months has, indeed, been a challenge, but in the course of preparing this dish over several weeks to get it just right, we found the ingredients needed are consistently available, which allows the recipe to be prepared year-round. We chose cod for the dish because it is widely available as it comes from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Cod loins are the thickest part of the filet, taken from behind the head to the dorsal fin of larger fish. While it might be difficult to always find fresh cod…

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SEARCH: The Fandom Menace

The Fandom Menace

by Elliot Thorpe

There has always been an insatiable hunger for books. A desire by millions around the world to get lost in a world of the magical, the supernatural, the horrific, and the dramatic, with skewed realities and fantastical worlds.

Of the six considered to have sold well over 100 million individual copies each, I confess to own only two: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien and Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Like most media formats, books—in particular novels—have their fanbases. They can be as dedicated and passionate as any following a popular TV or movie series or franchise but aren’t always as visible or indeed as vocal as other groups…

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SEARCH: Summer Schmummer

Summer Schmummer

by Tim Reynolds

This picture was before meeting the “freaking freshwater” barracudas.

I was a suburban brat who was allergic to trees, grass, ragweed, mold, and mildew. In other words, I was allergic to the world, which was a bit of a bummer since when I wasn’t hiding from my sisters in the basement with a book, I was outside raising hell and getting into mischief.

Summers as a kid were the best. We lived a ten-minute walk from a ravine with a fast-flowing creek for environmentally unfriendly styrofoam boat races, life-risking Tarzan swings over the water, a little hippy commune down the hill from the IBM country club, and an improvised plywood fort the big kids tried to light…

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SEARCH: Author Spotlight on Sumiko Saulson

Sumiko Saulson

Name: Sumiko Saulson
Location: Oakland is my home, and the city that has most nurtured me as an African American author, giving me the safety I needed to explore my own blackness and truly grow into the writer I was meant to be.

Tell us about yourself: I am biracial, Black and Ashkenazi Jewish. I was born in Los Angeles, where I lived until I was twelve. I spent my adolescence in Hawaii, where I first discovered…

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SEARCH: More Than Sales Made

More Than Sales Made at the Pop-up Market

by Suzanne Madron

Life has been pretty wild lately. The unpredictability and chaos has always been there, but the past two years I have really struggled with ways to be able to do things. Creativity and a pinch of dumb luck were the key to my adventures.

Over the last couple of years, I have spent more time outdoors than I have in the last two decades. Between gardening and just wandering around and exploring the neighborhood, I’ve managed to get in some exercise and expand my comfort zone. It was during one of my wanderings that I discovered something unexpected just down the block…

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SEARCH: Iceland and the Northern Lights

Iceland and the Northern Lights
by Kay Tracy

The Aurora Borealis in Iceland

The Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, is an incredible sight of solar particles interacting with our atmosphere high above us near the magnetic poles of our planet.

Should you decide to head out in search of them, know that they can be seen in Alaska, Northern Canada, and in Northern Europe in countries like Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. They are usually viewed around 65-70 degrees latitude. The lights are “predictably unpredictable,” or rather, they dance to their own beat. Scientists and forecasters will announce…

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SEARCH: A Bird’s Eye View on Bodega Bay

A Bird’s Eye View on Bodega Bay

by Camellia Rains

About an hour north of San Francisco lies the little coastal town of Bodega Bay, made famous for its portrayal in Alfred Hitchcock’s film, The Birds. As a fan of the film since childhood—it was the first horror film I ever watched and one of the only ones my mother will watch—I decided it would be fun to take her on a short trip to visit the town for what I call “The Birds Tour.”

It’s a small trip, but one well worth taking if you have an interest in the film, the California coast, or just simply enjoy a day trip of driving and exploring a new place.

The drive from San Francisco is scenic, especially in the late winter and early spring months when everything is a particular shade of green that can be seen in the Bay Area and up and down along the coastlines…

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SEARCH: The Dad Days of Summer

The Dad Days of Summer

by Tim Reynolds


We all have summer memories of one sort or another. Mine are pretty good and the best ones involve my father, Ken. Regular readers here know me as the Class Clown of SEARCH Magazine, but what you don’t know is that I inherited my Genetic Goofball gene from my dad.

Although he had a reputation as an ex-military, ex-lumberjack, strongly-disciplined man, Dad was really a big teddy bear with the kind of off-color humor being a navy pilot and a lumberjack will foster. I wish I could share some of his classic chuckles with you here, but SEARCH is a family magazine and Dad…

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