SEARCH: Just One of the Litter

Just One of the Litter
by Tim Reynolds


I was raised by a French girl, coached by a Golden boy, and taught the meaning of true love by a Yorkshire girl.

They were, in order, a poodle, a retriever, and a terrier. If you said I’m a dog person, I wouldn’t contradict you, though I like cats, too. I like all animals, usually more than I like people, but dogs… A dog is the only creature that will love you more than you love yourself.

We got Lollipop (the names have been changed to protect my computer security), the toy poodle, when I was nine months old, and she was my girl. When I was four I learned to whistle loudly enough to be heard two blocks away, and Lollipop came running every time—a little black blur through the neighborhood…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Take Care of You

Take Care of You
by Ashley Vrublevskiy


Even as the tides turn on societal definitions of gender specified parenting roles, I still tend to hear how much burden mothers hold in raising their children.

I’m sure there’s a biological and scientific reason for it, but whatever it is, as moms, we take on this added weight in how parenting affects our daily lives. Moms in particular need to pay special attention to our personal health and wellbeing. This is even more essential when you factor in the added difficulties in raising a special needs child.

Moms, this one is for you. I know all too well the immense pressure…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Build a Catio

Build a Catio
by Dianna Kersey


Beloved felines all over the globe love nothing more than to roam the outdoors and get into all kinds of hidey holes secretly stalking the next big ball of fuzz to cross their paths.

However, it has become increasing dangerous to allow our furbabies out with so many hazards afoot. Instead, folks have turned their patios into catios or catbitats.

We’ve all seen them! Fantastic outdoor cat retreats resembling screen-in porches or lanais. Catios range from as small as an extended window sill built off a high-rise to as elaborate as an entire backyard with a koi pond flowing through it. Catios are as diverse as their owners and can easily flow from the inside jungle gym environment to their contained and safe outside getaway.

Tips to Dress Up Your Catio

Hidey Holes Abound! Cats love to play hide and seek. Everyone who owns a cat waits in anticipation when they see their furbaby crouch down on their front legs, hike up their hind end, and rock back and forth until just the right moment to pounce on their prey, even if it’s a catnip stuffed mouse. Who needs to binge on Netflix when you have cats?

Here are some great ideas for your cat enclosure…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Spring Fresh Pea Soup

Spring Fresh Pea Soup
by Brian and Patricia Dake


Spring is the time of farmers’ markets and fresh vegetables. I love wandering up and down the aisles of an open market, reveling in the bright colors, textures, and scents of the produce.

Meeting the local growers is always a treat and what could be better than bringing food straight from their farm to my table? It’s sustainable, green, and the Northern California way.

If you reside in the greater Bay Area, farmers’ markets are plentiful on weekends from March to August. To find one close to where you live, search online for events in your area. It is good idea each year to check on the current location, as you may discover they have a new home with the new season.

If I pass one on my way to or from home, I’m likely to stop just for the fun of it. Without thinking, I find myself…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: 5 Fantastic Dog Books

5 Fantastic Dog Books
by Carrie Sessarego


Groucho Marx once famously said, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

Indeed, dogs and books go together like chew toys and tennis balls. Here are five recommended books about very good dogs.

1. The Call of the Wild by Jack London
This classic novel of adventure is as exciting now as it was when first published in 1916. Buck grows up pampered and adored in “the sun-kissed Santa Clara Valley,” until he is stolen, transported to Alaska, and trained as a sled dog. In Alaska, Buck quickly learns how to fight for dominance among other sled dogs and how to survive a series of masters ranging from indifferent to abusive. Buck find a true friend in John Thorton, but is also tempted to abandon the world of humans altogether…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.


SEARCH: Kimbe Abernathy

Kimbe Abernathy
by Emerian Rich


Kimbe Abernathy is an author, hairstylist, salon owner, and educator from Vallejo. As owner of COSMEBAR, she’s turned her natural gifts into an influential brand.

Kimbe’s been working since she was fifteen, and this powerhouse woman isn’t discouraged easily. She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the late Great Muhamad Ali, and then moved to California. As a child, she knew she was a little different from the crowd. “I was not afraid to stand alone,” Kimbe says. “Yet I was the one who had everybody over for slumber parties and outings. I was always the organizer.”

Her father passed away when she was very young,
and her mother was an inspiration to her. “My mother kept it moving all the time. People would look at her like, ‘How do you do that?’ From my mother, I learned not to ‘pity party’ too long when things do not go as planned. Indirectly, I was taught to ‘figure it out’.”

She started her career at fifteen, and once people saw the fire of her determination, support for her grew. “Hairstyling, is my first love. I love connecting with people on a deeper level and understanding their beauty needs and…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: De-cabling VS. Cable

De-cabling VS. Cable
by Emerian Rich

huluTo de-cable or not to decable, that is the question. In the duel between de-cabling versus traditional cable companies, who wins?

With the high cost of cable and the creation of independent entertainment companies like Netflix and Hulu, people are seriously questioning their options. Can they go off the main network system, have a lower bill, and watch more quality programming they enjoy, when they want to enjoy it?

My household de-cabled about ten years ago and never looked back. Our biggest problems with cable were work shifts and commercials. The shows we wanted to watch were never on at the time we wanted, and if we channel surfed, we ended up bored or watching DVDs instead. At the time, we had a newborn baby, and every time he needed something, we’d miss a chunk of our show. At that time, pausing live TV and “on demand” viewing wasn’t an option unless you paid even more money for TiVo service. Basically, appointment TV just wasn’t working for us, and paying close to one hundred dollars a month felt like a rip-off. So, we de-cabled.

De-cableing gives you the power of choice. Depending on how you choose, you will most likely pay less on subscriptions, but is de-cableing right for you?

The cons to de-cableing? Live TV can be tough. If you like local news, watching…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Fur-tastic Vacations

Fur-tastic Vacations
by Michele Roger


Whether it’s for business or pleasure, more and more travelers are including their dogs and cats in their trip plans. Sometimes, finding the perfect home away from home isn’t so easy when your traveling companion’s favorite hobby is chasing squirrels. For this issue, I’ve sought out the best destinations for everyone, whether they walk on two legs or four paws.

San Francisco
If a day trip or San Fran “stay-cation” is in your future, consider a night at the Marines Memorial Club Hotel. It receives high marks from travelers for its family feel as well as its pet-friendly policy. Located just minutes from the local dog park, travelers report that pet-friendly rooms have equally stunning views overlooking the city as ordinary rooms. As an added bonus for the two-legged traveler, the Marines Memorial Club Hotel also offers a two hour nightly happy hour free for their guests. The free happy hour includes drinks, beer, wine, and snacks.

New York City
Whether it’s Spring Fashion Week or just a “New York State of Mind” that inspires you, the Crosby Street Hotel is said to be one of THE most pet -friendly hotels in all of the city. Classified as a boutique hotel due to its stunning architecture and art collection, it is also known for its devotion to pet travelers. For example, when booking a room for you and your pet at the Crosby…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: Reader’s Choice for Pets

Reader’s Choice
by Emerian Rich



“My cat loves Temptations Cat Treats. Although she will eat other treats if there are none, she really gets happy when I open Temptations. They have lots of good nutrition for her and no artificial flavors. The outside is crispy, but what I think she likes best is the soft center. The outside crunch helps cut down on tartar build up on her teeth, but the inside is all yum. Temptations has several flavors including an anti-hairball variety and an extra calcium type, but my girl likes the chicken flavor best.  They are re-sealable so they will stay fresh, and I can measure how much she gets at one time.” ~K. Wade, South San Francisco

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

“I love the kitty collector game, Neko Atsume. It’s a Japanese game where the only object of the game is to get all 50+ cats to come and visit your yard. They have these cute rare cats that will be dressed up and do things. For example Mr. Meowgi is dressed like a samurai, and if you put out a certain cushion, he comes to meditate on it. You start out by putting out free food that is given to you to attract the cats. When they are done visiting, they leave fish. You can then trade the fish to buy better…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.

SEARCH: The Sounds of the City

The Sounds of the City
by Elliot Thorpe


Our iconic city has been the backdrop to a whole host of movies almost since the motion picture industry began. The talent of a cinematographer (the one who sets the filming up on the instruction of the director) can even make the backdrop a character in its own right, becoming more than just stunning scenery.

What of that other unsung member of the cast? Every film has it and most of us don’t even register its presence. Yet take it away and the film becomes somewhat lifeless and flat, no matter how beautifully shot the aforementioned backdrop is. It’s the specially-recorded film score.

Movies showcasing San Francisco have been scored by a whole host of uniquely talented composers. We’re going to take a look at a handful.

Let’s start with, naturally, San Francisco, a film
from 1936 starring Clark Gable. The main theme ‘San Francisco’ (sung in the film by Jeanette MacDonald) is a love-song to the city. Of course, drama and intrigue are equally at home. Dirty Harry takes us straight into the action and the grime of the criminal sect…continue reading the Spring issue of SEARCH Magazine.