SEARCH: Our Superhero Issue is Here!

Our SEARCH Magazine Summer 2021 is all about Superheroes!

Table of Content

6 Travel — Guatemala

8 DIY — Military Research

12 Humor — Caped Capers

13 Author Spotlight on Lillian Csernica

14 Music — Songs of the Unsung Heroes

16 Books — 5 Mangas

18 #HEROES — Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

27 Fitness — Weight Loss to Weight Lost

28 Autism — Secret Identities

30 City Spotlight — Masterton, New Zealand

32 Garden — The Garden Is More Than Just the Gardener

34 Poem — Heroes

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SEARCH: 2021 Spring Issue Table of Contents

Our Spring 2021 is all about Enhancing Your Horizon!

Table of Content

• DIY — Mod Podge
• Food/Travel — Icelandic Food
• Humor — My Chancy Behavior
• Author Spotlight — Emerian Rich
• Music — Opening a Music Studio
• City Spotlight — Santa Cruz
• #Enhancingyourhorizon — Using Tarot in Your Creative Life
• Food — Spicy Asian Chicken with Green Beans and Mushroom
• Fitness — Using a Treadmill Desk
• Autism — Chasing the Horizon
• Gardening — Death and Rebirth
• Health — Imposter Syndrome
• Poetry Corner — Reflection

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SEARCH: 2020 Spring Issue Now Available!

Women’s Empowerment Issue Spring 2020


Table of Contents

  • Travel – Solo Traveling Woman
  • DIY – The fun of playdough
  • Humor – Mansplaining 101
  • Author Spotlight –  Loren Rhoads
  • Music – Missing Empowerment
  • City Spotlight –  Old Sacramento, California
  • Women Empowerment –  Empowering Women Over 50
  • Recipe – Orange Omelets
  • Feature #WomenEmpowerment – Julia Childs
  • Fitness – Four tips on women fitness
  • Autism – Girl Power: Self-Defense and Self–Respect
  • Events – Spring Bloom
  • Convention Season
  • Tech/Biz Now is the Time for Women’s Hockey
  • International Travel – Ready Set, Go!

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SEARCH: Winter 2019 Issue is Here!

Winter 2019 SEARCH Magazine

Be Prepared for Anything!

Table of Contentwinter2019cover.jpg

  • Food: Ready to Serve
  • DIY: Heart Erasers
  • Humor: I’m Prepared for Anything…Almost
  • City Spotlight: A Brief Walk Through Hanover, PA
  • #DisasterPreparedness: When the Big One Hits
  • Recipe: Pantry Chili
  • #DisasterPreparedness: Preparing for Disasters Both Big and Small
  • Fitness: Don’t Let the Holidays Weigh You Down
  • Autism: Be Prepared for School
  • #DisasterPrepareness: Preparing for the Big Moment
  • Beauty: 3 Beauty Subscriptions
  • International Travel: Ready Set, Go!

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SEARCH: 2019 Fall Editor’s Letter



Fall Editor’s Letter

The intrigue of space is undeniable. Whether it is the romantic glow of the moon, questions about our place in the universe, or pure scientific wonder that drives our imagination, we long to know more. The vast night sky demands that we raise our eyes from our everyday problems and recognize a different perspective.

Perhaps one day mankind will travel beyond our small sphere. Until then, we must celebrate the successes of our robots as they visit Mars and travel beyond the edge of our solar system, gathering knowledge to improve our lives and expand our understanding of what is possible. They can explore much more inexpensively and without risking an astronaut’s life.

While we perfect our science and consider options, we study images from far away, reap the benefits of material and engineering innovations, and speculate on what is still to be discovered. We may not travel in style, like Elon Musk’s red Tesla, but humans are curious and driven. So, enjoy a star-shaped cookie, paint a planet diorama, and consider what the future may bring to the exploration of space.

Enjoy SEARCH Magazine’s Fall 2019 issue.

Heather Roulo/Editorial Director

SEARCH: Search 2019 Summer Editor’s Letter

The closest we had to a zoo in my small, eastern Washington hometown was a park with a bird aviary holding dozens of species of birds, mostly pheasant and quail as well as swans, peacocks, and varieties of ducks. Even as a teenager I would visit the aviary, drop birdseed down the tubes into their pens and marvel at the variety of life.

For most of us, zoos are a place to spend a day observing exotic animals and enjoy time outdoors. We meet up for playdates and push our kids in strollers before they can form coherent long-term memories, because animals are a delight at any age. We marvel at nature. By spending that time marveling at the zoo, we’re encouraging respect for animals, understanding habitat, and seeing how our actions impact the world around us. Zoos are there to educate, rehabilitate, and promote conservation.

I’ve been a member of my local zoo since my first child was born. We go frequently enough to have favorite animals and know the shortcuts between them. We’ve celebrated the births of endangered animals and mourned the loss of elephants from Woodland Park Zoo.

The zoo is a gentle reminder that our actions have broader impacts, and we are part of something greater. Join us in celebrating animals, whether it’s an otter playing basketball for rehabilitation or the beatboxing of a happy lemur. If you can’t get to the animals, check out our DIY article on bringing the zoo to you.

Enjoy SEARCH Magazine’s Summer 2019 issue.

Heather Roulo/Editorial Director

SEARCH: Search 2019 Summer Issue is Here!

Summer 2019 Search Magazine Table of Contents

Travel-Iceland In The Summer

DIY-Bring The Zoo To You

Humor-How To Catch A Rabid Squirrel & Why

Author Spotlight-Heather Roulo

Music-The Music Of The Jungle Book

City Spotlight-Oakland

Feature Article-Woodland Park Zoo

2nd Feature-Sea Otter Cuteness

Food-Grilled Veggies &Pita Sandwiches

Fitness-Outdoors Activities

Autism-We’re Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Animal Fun Facts-Gorillas, Giraffes, Lions and Zebras

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SEARCH: Search 2019 Issue

Spring2019CoverEnjoy SEARCH Magazine’s Spring 2019 issue. In this issue we have more than a dozen great articles:

Travel – The Wonders of Kyoto

DIY – Thumbprint Charms

Attractions – Café with Soul

Tech – Making Life Easier for Mom

Author Spotlight – Sumiko Saulson

Music – Famous Mom with Singing Daughters

City Spotlight – Gettysburg

Feature Article – Amazing Mother’s

Food – All-in-One Breakfast

Fitness – Busy Mom Stay Fit Too

Autism – Happy Milestones

Humor – Traveling with my Mom

Books – Famous Mom/Child Literary

Health – Hearing

Comic – Motherhood

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