SEARCH: Vegan Leeky Bean Tomatillo Soup

Vegan Leeky Bean Tomatillo Soup by Brian and Patricia Dake.

Vegan Leeky Bean Tomatillo Soup

Spring isn’t always a time of warm, mild days. In fact, spring evenings are often cool, even damp and rainy, making them an ideal time for enjoying comfort food.

On chilly spring days, we often prepare a robust soup to keep up our energy while we’re out planting new gardens, or just going into work and coming home after a long, hard day. So, with that in mind, we’ve created a spin on the usual leek soup and left out the usual heavy potatoes, in favor of white beans and tomatillos. The beans give the soup a hearty flavor while the tomatillos add a tangy quality. And, since in early spring, it’s difficult to find fresh beans ready for harvest, we simply use canned beans. For this soup, we prefer Cannellini beans, but sometimes they are difficult to find. Great Northern beans make a great substitute, or even the smaller navy beans will do.

With new gardens in mind, you can cut the bottom inch from the root end of the leek, and place them cut side up in a small bowl with water. Change the water daily. When green shoots have…

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