SEARCH Magazine is a quarterly publication, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, designed to bring the best of the world to our readers. Produced for all ages, the magazine focuses on family, children, and senior interests as well as covering topics such as tech, entertainment, travel, time saving, and tips for the business and commuter community.

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Publisher / Editor in Chief: Jeannie Normandeau
Editorial Director: Heather Roulo
Operations Director: Joshua Normandeau
Copy Editor: Larriane Barnard
Packaging Manager: Camellia Rains
Photographer: Heidi Kaden

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SEARCH Magazine maintains the highest standards in all we do. Our magazine fosters business growth and enriches the lives of consumers. SEARCH is in both print and eCopy, which enables advertising to reach readers locally and around the world. We are committed to creating a great product that readers depend on for information and entertainment.
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Editorial Director: Heather Roulo