SEARCH: Romano Chicken and Italian Zucchini

Romano Chicken and Italian Zucchini by Brian and Patricia Dake

For a unique blend of flavors in a meal I would consider comfort food, we’ve taken traditional Italian ingredients and combined them with a bit of habanero, a pepper originally from South America. Just a few dashes of habanero powder in the recipe impart tremendous flavor. And, although, habanero chili powder may be hard to find, it is worth the effort. For some, even a small amount can be too spicy. In this case, we recommend substituting cayenne pepper or a small amount of crushed red pepper flakes as a less hot alternative. If any level of spiciness is too much, the habanero can be left out which would be an unfortunate loss of subtle flavor, but for some may be a required trade-off.

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Fall 2022 #Homemade issue.


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