SEARCH: Top Reasons NOT to Do It

Top Reasons NOT to Do It
by Tim Reynolds

The world is full of self-helpless gurus much more ego-boosting than I, all lined up to feed you a “Reasons to DO Something” list, but I’m here to give you 40 valid reasons NOT to do something. In no particular order.

  1. It’s going to hurt…a lot. You’re not a trained dancer and that table isn’t very sturdy.
  2. There are laws in place to specifically discourage doing it.
  3. Your mother wouldn’t approve.
  4. Your insurance has lapsed.
  5. The last time you tried to do it, you lost your pants and your pride.
  6. There are still active warrants from the last time you did it.
  7. Sister Mary Elephant warned that you’d go to Hell if you did it.
  8. You haven’t asked, “WWJD?”
  9. You’re not as young as you once were.
  10. When they did it on American Gladiator it looked like fun but two contestants were hospitalized.
  11. Your. . .

Read more in our Fall 2021 You Can Do It! issue.

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