SEARCH: Tai Chi for the Health of It

Tai Chi for the Health of It

by S. G. Browne

Originally developed hundreds of years ago as a Chinese martial art, Tai Chi is more often taught and practiced today for health and exercise than for self-defense. The practice uses slow movements and controlled breathing as a sort of “moving meditation” that helps to balance the mind and body.

Not only can Tai Chi help to strengthen your core, but it can improve your balance, strength, and flexibility, while also relieving stress and anxiety. So, come for the physical exercise, stay for the mental relaxation! And because it’s low-impact, it’s generally safe for all ages and fitness levels. 

If you’re looking to learn Tai Chi for self-defense, you’ll want to enroll in a martial arts class taught by…

Read more in SEARCH Magazine‘s Spring 2023 #FreshStart issue.


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